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The Vampire Diaries

Music From The Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 20: “The Last Day”

Little did we know when we heard the title of Episode 20, “The Last Day,” it would be referring to Elena’s last day as a human! There were so many brain-melting moments, and some of them were punctuated by the spot-on music choices, per usual. Thanks to Vampire Diaries’ music producer, Chris Mollere, who tweeted the list of songs.

Source: Chris Mollere’s Twitter

1. Artist: Cheyenne Mize
Song: "Not"
Just when I thought this would last
I find myself overcome
How can I say to you “Don’t worry”?
But I could not wait one more day
Heavy is the burden of truth
How can I say to you, “I’m sorry”?
’Cause these words can’t change your mind
How can they change your heart
I am not the one you think that I am
I am not the one you thought that I could be
I am not the one
No, I am not the one

2. Artist: The Vaccines
Song: "Wolf Pack"
You've seen the world
What did it look like?
You took a plane
I'll take a push bike
Run with the wolves
Calling all the wolf pack
When did you go and when did you get back?
I don't even know you
You're just someone new I don't want to talk to
You're wild, I don't find you crazy at all

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