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Pretty Little Liars

Exclusive! Nia Peeples Hopes Pam Fields is Hiding Secrets on PLL

Pretty Little Liars is mostly about the four girls and the “A” drama, but don’t forget about their parents. In Part 2 of our exclusive interview, Nia Peeples (Pam Fields) discusses the PLL parents' role next season, how the cast and crew is a family, and her hopes that her character is also hiding some scandalous secrets!

Wetpaint: You and the other PLL parents haven’t interacted that much. Will that change next season as your daughters are accused of lying?

Nia Peeples: I will say that we’ve completed our first scene with all the parents together. Right from the beginning we’ve known that the girls are close, and as a parent, I would think I would know the parents of her friends. So as an actress you start asking yourself, "Who do I know? How close are we?" I’ve actually only had an interaction with one other parent and that was Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery) in the hallway. And then for the first time this season we all come together around this issue [lying and sending their daughters to therapy].

You’re in most scenes with Shay Mitchell [Emily], but besides her, who do you get along with most on set?

I probably interact most with Lucy Hale (Aria). I actually did a pilot for a series with her roommate, who played my best friend’s daughter, so we have something in common. Lucy is adorable and so sweet!

It seems like everyone on set really bonds and you guys are like a family. Is that the best part about acting on PLL?

You know, I’ve been doing this for 30 years so I’ve had a lot of different families on set. And when you’re talking about working on the set, [the] family isn’t just the actors. It’s the crew as well because you’re dealing with tons of people who are making what you do come to fruition. My experience in the past has been that when you come across a group of people who are kind and love what they do and it’s a really good atmosphere to work, you’re blessed. And this is one of those times. And thank god because you’ve got a hit show with people you like and that is rare. So I feel really blessed to be involved in the show for that reason. And I’ve got 30 years of experience to measure it by!

The other PLL parents are hiding secrets. Will you have any of your own next season?

I doggone hope so! Shoot, I’d love it if Pam came out of the closet! No, I’m kidding, but I would love it if Pam had some kind of big issue. She's on the edge; she raised her child alone while her husband is in the line of duty. But I think the answer is: if it serves Emily’s storyline than yes, they will come up with something like that and I would be thrilled. It really helps me out as a recurring character. So much of who I am or what I do or where I’m going is not fleshed out, so it makes acting that much harder. Last season when they introduced my husband and gave me some very clear places to come from in regards to Maya, it really helped me formulate who Pam was and why. So in terms of secrets for next season, boy, I hope they have a ton of them for my character because it makes my life easier!

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