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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Look Pretty in Pink Like the Stars of Secret Life!

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she feels that she can no longer embrace the color pink as a part of her wardrobe. It’s too girly, too frilly, too childish, whatever. The reasons are many and they’re all valid.


Credit: Frazer Harrison/Staff, Jason Merritt/Staff    

Eventually, after puberty woes and angsty wardrobe choices, many ladies come to realize that pink is not all bad. In fact, it can be pretty great! Unlike a lot of other colors however, pink has a connotation with little-girliness that’s not easy to shake. Also, pink doesn’t always play well as an accessory, since it can skew a little “Hello Kitty” for the taste of most adults. This is especially true of light pink. For all these reasons, there are a few rules to incorporating pink into your adult wardrobe, as beautifully demonstrated here by the ladies of Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Go full on, with a pink dress, but keep the color either super-bright like Megan Park and Francia Raisa, or all the way on the nude side of the palette, like Shailene Woodley. Salmon pinks and fuschia work well on all skintones. Avoid looking like the most mature invitee at a 7-year-old’s birthday party by keeping accessories, shoes and hair decidedly adult. Here are five hot dresses to start you off: