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Poop Jokes! The Top 3 Grossest Moments From Bones Season 6, Episode 20: “The Pinocchio in the Planter”

With last Thursday’s new episode being all about radical honesty, we must confess how truly grossed out we were by it. After all, it involved a lot of bodily functions. Read on to get the smelly scoop on our picks for the three grossest moments from “The Pinocchio in the Planter.”

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3. The punishment is grosser than the crime
A curious teenage boy peering into a girls’ locker room window isn’t so disgusting, but his punishment certainly is. When he falls from his perch — after being made — he finds himself up close and personal with a rotting skeleton in the flowerbed that breaks his fall. Talk about learning your lesson the hard way.

2. Was this in her job description?
Surprisingly, we’re OK when we see Cam (Tamara Taylor) in the lab squeezing brown liquid out of something that looks like a baby elephant trunk in the lab — until we learn that it’s actually the victim’s small intestine. After the “poop” joke Booth (David Boreanaz) makes early on in the ep (see: #1), we should’ve known we hadn’t heard the last of it.

1. Note to self: Potty humor is not funny
There are some things you hope you never have to hear in your life: Brennan (Emily Deschanel ) saying, “The victim’s anal sphincter relaxed upon death causing him to defecate” is now definitely up there as one of them. And even worse than hearing it is actually seeing the victim’s relaxed bones crawling with excrement-eating bugs. Though he’s quick to make fun (“Good job with the poop clues, Hodgins!"), Booth’s ultimate reaction sums up our thoughts on the (fecal) matter: “Ugh, wow. No thank you!”

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