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Secret Life of the American Teenager

5 SEX-iest Quotes From Secret Life Season 3, Episode 20

Sex was once again a hot button topic in last night's Secret Life of The American Teenager episode, and the SEX-y talk was at a all-time high! Seriously, Madison and Jack need to decide whether or not their going to do it, otherwise the Secret Life sex count will be off the charts!

We've recounted the SEX-iest lines from last night's hot n' heavy eppy. You're gonna need protection just reading this bad boy.

1. Adrian calls Grace out: "It's me. I can tell you had sex."

Adrian can smell sex on other people, and Grace and Grant's sex reeks of flat irons and hairspray.

2. We want to know where Lauren went to Sunday school: "I heard that religious people get all filled with the spirit and have crazy sex."

Wow, that's all kinds of offensive. And all kinds of true.

3. Anne dares to question Ricky's skillz: "Did you have sex when you spent the night with Ricky last weekend? Was it uncomfortable, or awkward or disappointing in some way?"

Bitch, please! Don't insult Ricky. He could have sex half asleep and it would be amazing.

4. Ricky plants one on Amy: "We're gonna like having sex with each other."

This stud's like a fornication fortune teller. His kisses predict great sex.

5. Ben reassures Henry and Alice: "I'm happy not having sex with my soon-to-be wife who's having our baby. It's all good."

Someone seriously needs to tattoo "Virgin 4 Life" across Ben's forehead.

Plus: Read the recap for "Moving In and Out" (Ricky finally says the magic three words to Amy!) or watch the full episode below!

05.3.2011 / 07:40 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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