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American Idol

American Idol Top 5 Power Rankings

Things are moving and shaking on the Power Rankings this week, y’all. We’ve felt pretty confident for weeks about the way things would go, but after seeing our #3 contestant Casey Abrams eliminated last week, we’re starting to think we’ve been approaching things all wrong. This week, we’ve changed our algorithms (okay, we don’t really use algorithms) and we’re giving the Power Rankings a fresh approach.

Lauren Alaina
This week’s ranking: 5 (Last week: 4)
Crazy? Maybe. But we’re starting to think that Lauren just doesn’t have the staying power we originally thought she did. Teens and country fans should be her voters, but we’re pretty sure those groups belong to Scotty. A few weeks of so-so performances and some obvious confidence issues could put Lauren in the danger zone this week, especially with the added pressure of two performances to prepare.

Jacob Lusk
This week’s ranking: 4 (Last week: 6)
We’ve been expecting Jacob to go for weeks. While he no doubt has talent, his performance style and vaguely snotty attitude — not to mention last week’s awful/clownish performance ensemble — have frequently left us cold. That being said, we’ve accepted that someone is voting for him. A lot of someones, at that. We’re pretty sure he’ll survive this week.

Haley Reinhart
This week’s ranking: 3 (Last week: 5)
It’s tricky not knowing whether Haley was in last week’s bottom three. Our theory, though, is that while Lauren is likely splitting the young/country vote with Scotty, now that Casey’s been eliminated, Haley’s locked up the growly vote. (And surely his fans were won over by their obvious chemistry, even if Casey denied a romantic relationship.) Earlier this season we would’ve never picked Haley to be the last woman standing, but we’re going out on a limb and saying she just might be.

Scotty McCreery
This week’s ranking: 2 (Last week: 1)
Oh, snap! Yup, we went there. While Scotty’s take on “You’ve Got a Friend” was terrific, we’re still waiting for him to really wow us. Two performances this week could give him a great chance to show versatility... or they could prove that he really is a one-trick pony, no matter how fantastic that trick is.

James Durbin
This week’s ranking: 1 (Last week: 1.5)
While we don’t always love James, there’s no denying that he’s exciting, and with Casey’s elimination, James is definitely left as the artist of the group. His cover of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” last week was sensational, and the two-performance format this week should allow him to both rock out and show his sensitive side. Way to be, Durbz!

05.3.2011 / 05:18 AM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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