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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ricky Says I Love You! Secret Life Recap for Season 3, Episode 20: “Moving In and Out!”

Last night’s Secret Life of The American Teenager episode totally delivered. It had all the Secret Life requirements: Drama? Check! Pregnant people? Yup. Heavy hanky panky? Aw yeah. Get all caught up on the scandalous lives of Grant High’s hottest teens with Wetpaint’s off the hizzle recap!

Papa Don’t Preach!

Whoa there, Ash. Amy’s feisty younger sister is none too happy about Amy moving in with her hunkaliscious boyfriend. We’ve hardly ever seen Ash express so much emotional range! George isn’t being very supportive either, and he makes Amy feel bad when he suggests that Ricky’s only moving in with her to avoid marriage. Oh, no he didn’t! Ash gets her biatch on and asks Griffin to bring his floozy friend over to tempt Ricky into cheating on Amy. Thankfully, Griffin doesn't let Ash go through with the plan, and instead they have some one-on-one hang time. We feel sorry for Amy, but it might be time for her to cool things down with the Rickster. How about they skip being roomies and get right to the sex!

Amy’s day gets even worse when she and Adrian have a catty convo while Adrian’s ridin’ solo in her red convertible. Obviously, the conversation doesn’t last five minutes before it turns to sex, and Adrian reminds Amy that she has no bedroom experience. Amy retaliates by telling Adrian that her boobs will never be the same after that baby’s sucked all the milk and perkiness outta them. Oh, it’s on ladies. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Amy confides to Lauren and Madison about her concerns regarding doing the nasty with Ricky, and Madison has some sex probs of her own: She’s worried that doing it with Jack won’t live up to his sexploitations with Grace! She decides to go to church because she thinks people who are filled with the holy spirit have better sex. If the holy spirit is code for Ricky Underwood, then absolutely. Jack takes her up on her offer, but decides to cool down the bedroom talk until they’re both good and ready.

Say My Name, Say My Name

In other news, Leo gives Ricky permission to let Amy move in. Huh, looks like Ricky isn’t exactly pleased with this news. In fact, he kind of pressures Leo to say no. Typical Leo gets all up in Ricky’s bidnezz and gets him to reveal that he hearts Amy! But then Ricky majorly slips up when he tells Ben that he wants Adrian (not Amy) to move in with him! Uh oh, now we know what’s really on this boy’s mind: He still has feelings for his knocked up ex!

Credit: ABC Family    

Amy doesn’t want to shack up with Ricky any more than he wants to shack up with her. Are these two heading to splitsville? Don’t worry Secret Lifers, just because a move-in isn’t in their cards, it doesn’t mean it’s over. Ricky finally drops the L-word and it’s completely adorbz! Our hearts are melting. Now when will these two get it on?

Born This Way

Ben invites Alice and Henry to go baby shopping with him and Adrian, and they are so not on board. Is Ben trying to avoid hanging out with his baby mama solo? Henry and Alice sure think so. Plus, they’re too busy to shop for cribs because they have a sexy date! No, literally — a SEX-y date. As in the only thing they have planned is banging each other. And what makes better foreplay than picking out a few diapers?

Tom grills Grace on the deets of her hanky panky with Grant, but she’s not kissing and telling. Being the sweetheart that she is, Grace gives Tom a little advice about his love life, or lack thereof. She suggests... taking the bus to work? Right, because all the hotties hang out there. Kathleen comes downstairs flustered because her hubby is going on a trip and she’s worried he’s going to eat it in a fiery plane crash just like Grace’s dad. If he does, we all know whose fault it’ll be: Grace and her lady bits.

Grace is a little worried that her sexy bliss won’t last because she and Grant don’t have enough interests outside of the bedroom. Speaking of sex, Adrian is super insecure because Ben has no desire (read: is terrified) to have sex with her. Plus, Cindy totally bums her out when she mentions that Ben might want a prenup. Adrian might not get one dime of Ben’s sausage scrill, but she can still stake her claim on some of his meat! Adrian taps into her inner vixen and sexes her man 'til his head is spinning! She seduces all the pre-wedding fear out of him, and now this guy has anything but cold feet!

We can’t wait to check out next week’s all new episode of Secret Life! Until then, sit back, relax, and imagine that Ricky said the L-word to you instead of Amy. Swooning yet? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook!

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