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Wetpaint Exclusive! Geoff Stults Reveals the Secrets to His Hot Body

While we’re waiting to find out if Bones spin-off The Finder is getting picked up by Fox, we thought we’d share some helpful tips from the Finder himself, Geoff Stults, as beach season closes in. During our exclusive interview, we also asked Geoff how he maintains those killer abs. Seriously. You watched The Finder, right?

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“The older I’ve gotten the more I try to stay out of the gym,” he told us. “I live near the beach now, so I try to stay outside as much as I can. I do a lot of a cross training. My fitness routine when I shot the pilot was with Michael Clarke Duncan. Every day we had off he would make me go down to the bottom of our hotel. We’d run the stairs. Every five floors we’d do 20 push-ups. Every tenth floor we’d do 20 push-ups and jump rope. It’s a 25-floor hotel and when we’d get up to the top he would have his weight-pants and his kettlebells up there and he would take me through his f**king crazy, I’m-an-animal, he’s-so-much-stronger-than-I-am workout. He would scream at me like a drill sergeant the whole time and I would never let him see me crack, but as soon as he turned around I’d about cry.”

Whoa. And was he always such a fitness fanatic?

“I always wanted to be an athlete. Then when I realized that I can’t run very fast, jump very high, or catch anything, I thought maybe if this doesn’t work out I can be an actor.” We’re happy with that choice.

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Do you miss “The Finder” already? Relive the magic:

05.3.2011 / 04:31 AM EDT by Ian Spiegelman
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