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Pretty Little Liars

Which Pretty Little Liars Star Does Keegan Allen Hope to Work With?

You'd think all the Pretty Little Liars stars would have worked together at some point during the first season, but surprisingly not. Keegan Allen (Toby) confessed that he’s never acted alongside Ian Harding (Ezra), and is eager for Toby and Ezra to meet. He told ABC Family, “I’d love to see Toby talk to Ezra. I just think that it would be a really interesting conversation because Ezra’s been talking to Jenna.” We’re surprised they’ve never spoken in the hall at school, but then again, Ezra is usually too busy chatting with Aria (Lucy Hale).

Besides creating an interesting dynamic between their characters, Keegan wants to act alongside Ian since they’re close pals in real life. Ian told us that they go to events together, go out to dinner, and even have double dates with their girlfriends. Aww!

Unfortunately we don’t think Toby and Ezra will cross paths any time soon since Ezra left Rosewood High and accepted the position at Hollis College. He’ll be spending most of his time there, but Rosewood is a small town and you never know what surprises are in store.

Source: ABC Family


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