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Bones Guest Star Tiffany Hines on Her Music and Acting Careers

Bones’ Tiffany Hines (Michelle Welton) is far from a little girl. However, the last time we saw the 27-year-old actress on Bones, her on-screen mom, Cam (Tamara Taylor) was lecturing her about college applications in “The Feet on the Beach.” The actress, who also stars on The CW’s Nikita, is all grown up, and to prove it she talked to Alternative Revolt magazine about her musical aspirations and love for action flicks.


Would love to do…: “An action movie. Action is my favorite genre to watch and now that I’ve filmed action scenes in Nikita I’m pretty much hooked on shooting guns, and filming crazy adrenaline pumped fight scenes. I’d also like to do some more comedies. Even better? Kill two birds with one stone and do…an action comedy.”

Her secret to staying humble: “Knowing that at any moment I could be jobless and working a real job, with real daytime hours, in a real cubicle somewhere. Everyday I thank God that someone actually decided that I could get paid for what I do for fun. Think about it. We are grownups who play make-believe every day and someone pays us to do it. In any other profession, they’d just lock you up in a padded room and throw away the key!”

On a music career: “I have been so busy with this past season of Nikita that I haven’t really had an opportunity to pursue my music much. But hopefully this summer I will be able to get back into the studio. I am talking to a couple of music producers now, so hopefully I will have some new material for everyone to jam to by the end of the summer!”

Favorite actors to work with: “[Grey’s Anatomy’s] Jesse Williams, Katherine Heigl, TJ Thyne [Hodgins], and Tamara Taylor.”

Future projects: “I am in talks right now for some films, and I still recur as Michelle Welton on Bones. Other than that, I’m looking to pursue my music again and just take each day as it comes.”

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05.4.2011 / 02:20 AM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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