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America's Next Top Model

Exclusive: Alexandria Everett on Her Post-ANTM Plans For the Future (and Her Gray Hat)

We got the chance to talk with Alexandria, the resident bad girl of Cycle 16, who bid farewell to ANTM on Wednesday night (May 4, 2011). And guess what? She couldn't have been nicer! The former contestant chatted with us on her way to the beach, filling us in on what it's like to be known as the "mean girl," how she feels about the other contestants, and her plans for the future.

Wetpaint: Were you surprised by the elimination?

Alexandria: In this competition it's very unexpected, and I feel that anything could happen at any time. With that, it's obviously all about understanding that there's a bigger plan out there, and you know, maybe this wasn't my time. I really have to thank whatever higher power is out there for just this experience alone. It was definitely a great one, and I can't thank anyone enough. But it's also about not being negative about it. It's all about being positive and really understanding that this just wasn't my time. And it's OK, because obviously it was my time to be a part of this great opportunity. I just have to wait for the next big thing, I guess.

Do you think you were unfairly portrayed on the show as the “mean girl" or the "know-it-all?” Did you feel it was heavily edited that way?

I feel that however they edited me or however they portrayed me is how they do it. I can't be mad. I can just be happy with the way things are because at least it showed that I was real. It didn't show me being a high school little girl talking behind anyone's back. If I had anything to say, I at least said it to everyone's face. And whatever I said behind anyone's back was pure positivity.

I wasn't trying to be negative or directing or controlling or anything like that. It's just that this is my love, this is my dream. And I know it's other girls' dreams, too, but it's about who believes in it and who's going to push that extra limit to get there and to really show young girls and boys that they can do whatever their hearts dream of.

What was the most important thing you learned from being on the show?

Probably to be as free as I am in that controlled environment. If I'm ever put in that situation again, to really take it all in and still remember who I am. You know, when I'm around my house with my iPod on dancing, or tearing stuff up on a mountain in a snowboard. To take from my life experiences and not let little things get the best of me.

Do you have any regrets watching the show now?

It's a show, and people need to remember that. I feel like everybody wishes they could one day have a rewind button, but in life, there is no rewind button and there is no fast-forward button — there's only a button for right now. You either take it as a lesson and learn from the little things or you don't. [There have been a lot of] good things and the bad things that have happened in my life. There’s been some great, amazing things, like this experience [on ANTM], and then there's been some things that have taught me some very hard lessons — but I would have never learned [from] them if [they hadn’t happened]. I'm never one to say, "Poor me." No, not “Poor me.” Thank goodness [that] whatever god or higher power is up there, put all of these things in my life for a reason and put this competition the way it happened in my life for a reason. I've learned a great deal, and I feel very fortunate. I don't want to change anything because in the end, I learned from it all.

We wanted to know about that grey hat you wore. Was it a good luck charm?

[Laughs] No, that was actually just a hat that I picked up at Forever 21. It was a funny hat that I wore for snowboarding, and it made me remember about the silly times I had. For our interview looks, those were our set looks, so I always had to wear it during my interview time. You didn't see me wearing it any other time. And after Andre Leon Talley [told] me to take it off, I was like, oh gosh, he's going to love seeing me in all my interviews. Awkward! [Laughs] It was fun, and I like the hat. It's not a bad hat. I don't wear it every day. If you actually want to know what hat I wear every day, it's a baseball hat. I always stick to a Yankees original hat or an LA Dodgers hat.

What do you think is the thing that will surprise us the most about what goes on
behind-the-scenes of ANTM?

How much fun we had. That's what people don't understand. They're like, "How did Alexandria not know that no one liked her?" Well, because we all got along. We all did funny, silly things. We actually did a runway show, just us girls in the house. [...] It was a lot of fun.

I brought an eye patch because during my audition I had a black eye from my friend's little brother swinging a door into my face. During my interviews to be on the show, I had an eye patch and this huge black eye. I brought my eye patch with me and I brought this little stick-on moustache. So, I wore my bomber jacket, the moustache, and the eye patch, and my name was Franz and I was from Germany. I could actually give you a little tidbit if you'd like to hear it.

Sure, go ahead.

[With a German accent] My name is Franz and I work with very, very well-known supermodels from Germany. And I make them very well. [Laughs] It was a lot of fun, and I wish that had been a little more portrayed. With everyone talking behind my back, I think that overpowered the fun that we were all having.

Who do you think should win out of the girls who are left?

Oh, all three girls have so much potential. I believed in everyone so much. Out of thousands, millions of girls, we made it to the final fourteen. Just with that we should realize and understand what a great opportunity we have and that we really need to take advantage of it all.

[Hannah's] a firecracker. When it comes to fierceness, she'll rock it out. She's one to look out for. And Molly and Brittani are so very unique looking. You know, Molly has blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin, but she's just so exotic looking. And then you have Brittani, whose face kind of works like a cyclone. It works around the edges and brings you in and then you look at her whole entire face individually. It drags you in like you're getting hypnotized. [...] I really hope whoever wins takes advantage of the opportunity that they have to inspire people to never give up on what they want.

What are your plans for the future?

Actually, I'm moving with my boyfriend in August to New York City. I want to be based out of New York City because I think I am a little bit more high fashion than commercial, and if I do anything in the commercial aspect, it will definitely be out in California, because that's California's market. It's all about making movies, being commerical-y and smiley. California has so many great outdoor spots for high fashion shoots that I would still love to have my foundation here, but also have my high fashion base out of Milan, Paris, and New York City.

05.6.2011 / 02:53 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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