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The Vampire Diaries

Top 5 OMG Moments from The Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 21, “The Sun Also Rises”

We love those moments on The Vampire Diaries that make us gasp, pause, and rewind — and Episode 21, “The Sun Also Rises,” was chock full of them. Here are the five scenes that left us with our jaws agape this week.

5. Matt breaks up with Caroline.
We don’t want to blame it on Tyler. But, okay, yeah, we’re putting it on the jock. The way we see it: It is kind of his fault. Matt said it himself — “the last few days were great” between him and Caroline. But then he watched his football team bro turn into a werewolf and try to eat him. Next he witnessed his girlfriend use super strength and speed. But worst of all (we think) is the fact that Matt saw his vampire boo lovingly tuck in the (naked) boy who just tried to kill her. “So this is your life now, huh?” Matt asked before succinctly explaining why that life — the one with “never a dull moment” — could not be his. The break-up took less than 90 seconds. For most of it, Matt looked like he was going to cry.

4. Klaus kills Aunt Jenna.
“It’s alright Elena,” Jenna said. “I know what I have to do.” In a move that surprised us all, the new vamp sped over to Greta and bit her in the jugular. She was killing her. And, for a second it looked like Jenna might win. Enter Klaus. The ancient evil grabbed Aunt J, stabbed her in the side, and dropped her on the altar. The pain was shocking. Jenna looked up at Elena. “Just turn it off. Turn it off!” her niece advised. “Then you won’t be scared anymore.” One second later Klaus flipped Jenna over, removed the knife from her side, and stuck it into her chest as a single tear fell from her eyes. Rest in peace sweet, dear, Aunt Jenna. You deserved better.

3. Elena dies. Sort of.
“Go to hell,” she told Klaus, just before he bit into her neck. Then, without so much as a whimper in pain, she stood there, eyes locked on Stefan while the Original drained her. Then Damon rescued her as Stefan tried to take care of Klaus. “Come back as a vampire and I’ll stake you myself,” Damon said as he laid Elena on the couch. Jeremy and Alaric, who’d just learned that Aunt Jenna is irrevocably dead, stood behind him, waiting. Knowing what was about to happen, Uncle John walked out of the house. Seconds later our girl gasped for breath. Jeremy, Damon, and Alaric huddled around her. Meanwhile, John stood alone. He took a step, looked up, and collapsed on the ground. Making the ultimate parental sacrifice, he died so Elena could live. She and Jeremy are truly orphans now.

2. Bonnie saves the day.
The 100 murdered witches have been waiting for a moment like this. And Bon-Bon did not disappoint. After knocking out Jeremy with a kiss and locking Alaric in the house, Bonnie went to work. She marched into the clearing with her hand outstretched, mumbling incantations. First Bonnie telepathically knocked Klaus down. Then she zapped the happy out of Greta’s brew. A rage wind blew as she tortured the hybrid out of the original vamp, buying time for Damon to take out Greta, save his brother, and get Elena’s body home. When Elijah arrived to finish off Klaus, all the hard work had been done. If only Elijah could have followed through.

1. Damon admits defeat.
Or as close as our Sir Salvatore will ever come. “Tyler Lockwood bit me.” Damon said as he held his arm out to Stefan. “It’s actually more of a nip really. But there it is.” Yes, there it was, a smallish bite mark that was rapidly spreading up his arm. The werewolf venom pulsed purple in his veins. If vampires need to breathe, then we’re pretty sure the news sucked all the air out of Stefan’s lungs. His big brother is dying. What will he do?

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