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Secret Life of the American Teenager

May 9 Episode’s Super Spoiler Round-Up

Get All the Juicy Scoop From Season 3, Episode 21: ''Young at Heart''

Credit: ABC Family    

Are you dying to know what happens on Monday night’s all-new Secret Life of the American Teenager? Will Adrian pick out the perfect dress? Will Ricky be tempted to cheat on Amy? Check out Wetpaint’s round-up of this week’s spoilers to find out! Don’t say we didn’t warn you when your mind gets blown.

Exciting news, fan girls! Word has it that the Secret Life finale will air on June 6, closely followed by the premiere only one week later on the 13th. Is that not the best thing you’ve heard all day? Well it gets better! On May 30, Secret Life is busting out a two-part special event. Yep, that’s two straight hours of Ricky’s dimples and twice as much drama!

We can’t wait for the 30th, but next Monday’s Secret Life is pretty sweet too: Adrian finally gets ready to style herself pretty for her big waddle down the aisle, and she and Grace go shopping for a maternity wedding dress. We can’t wait to see it! While these besties are gown-browsing, they dish about the amazing sex that Adrian’s having with Ben. Who knew?!

So where are this lucky in love couple going to get hitched? Adrian reveals that she’s thinking about marrying in a church! It’s understandable — church weddings can be pretty epic, though let’s get real: Nothing’s gonna beat William and Kate’s walk down the aisle.

Credit: ABC Family    

Enough about sausage, how about we switch gears to Secret Life’s other power couple, Ricky and Amy? These two still aren’t living together, and to make matters worse, one of Ricky’s many former flings offers him her goods. Will he take the bait and indulge in some innocent foreplay?

Poor Amy just can’t catch a break, and now Grace has arranged for her to plan Adrian’s baby shower! Sigh: what’s this girl thinking, right? Atleast things are looking up for Amy’s little sis, Ashley: She and her study buddy Toby go out on their first date — do you guys think they’ll kiss?

Meanwhile, Grace finally meets Grant’s dad and she’s shocked to find out that he’s 80! So let’s get this straight: If Grant’s 17, then his dad had him when he was 63. Ah, the wonders of Viagra....

Make sure to tune into Monday’s all-new Secret Life at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family to see this drama in action!