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Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 21: “The Signs in the Silence”

“The Signs in the Silence” was so emotional we didn’t think we’d laugh. But laugh we did! And then we cried, followed by some more laughter. Read on for our picks for the top 10 funniest quotes from Bones Season 6, Episode 21.

Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 21: “The Signs in the Silence”
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10. Thanks for the visual
Hodgins (TJ Thyne): On the night Duvall Price was killed it was 65 degrees with an 86 percent relative humidity. It was just about to rain.
Angela (Michaela Conlin): So when the door broke, the splinters swelled? Kind of like my pregnant feet.

9. What was your first clue?
Angela, matching sign language dialects to find out where the suspect is from: This is the one. This is the closest.
Brennan (Emily Deschanel): It’s a rural dialect from southern Pennsylvania.
Angela (clutching her stomach): Oh my God!
Brennan: Yes, it’s very exciting.
Angela: No, just, hang on.
Brennan: This isn’t about the dialect, is it?

8. Suspects — or worms? Same thing
Booth (David Boreanaz): I checked his phone records. Guess who called him an hour after he left Crossroads, Pennsylvania?
Sweets (John Francis Daley): Mike Shenfield.
Booth: That’s right.
Caroline (Patricia Belcher): I hope he squirms. I like it when they squirm.

7. Cat’s out of the bag
Cam (Tamara Taylor): I’m really impressed that you are staying focused with everything that’s happening with you and Angela.
Hodgins: People have kids all the time.
Cam: I meant what happened today.
Hodgins: What? What happened today?
Cam: Nothing. Just uh… little contraction. Dr. Brennan told me. I assumed… you… knew.

6. Want a side of fries with that?
Sweets: So we just give up and put her away without knowing all the facts?
Caroline: Is this getting testy?
Brennan: You obviously have a very low opinion of me, Dr. Sweets.
Booth: Let’s just all take a deep breath here.
Brennan: I believe there are facts we have overlooked that could give us her motive whether she chooses to tell it to us or not. And I intend to find them.
Sweets: Oh.
Booth (to Sweets): You got a little egg on your face there.

5. And not enough birthing movies
Hodgins: I’m telling you. This is why nature invented false labor. Parents need a dry run.
Angela: Next time you’re not going to tell the nurse to boil water.
Hodgins: I said that? I have clearly watched too many Westerns.

4. We wish we could
Booth, deciding on a gift for baby Hodgela: I got it. Stuffed animal. That’s it.
Brennan: How will that benefit the child?
Booth: Bones, they’re having a kid whose major pastime is going to be about pooping his pants, okay. Mr Poo-poo Pants.
Brennan: In one of my foster families I had a stuffed dog.
Booth: And you liked it, right?
Brennan: It frightened me actually. It was the family pet for many years before they had it stuffed.
Booth: Oh, well, we’ll forget about the whole stuffed animal thing.

3. And when you smile, and…
Booth: I got something. You know the bloody money we found on the girl? Assuming she stole it from her victim. This could be good news.
Caroline: You’re cute when you try to make me happy.

2. We would like to remove this image from our brains
Brennan: They were face to face. Duvall Price knocks her down. He landed on top of her. [Motions to Arastoo to imitate Duvall Price] Mr. Vaziri??
Arastoo (Pej Vahdat): [Lying on top of her] This is very awkward.
Brennan: Mr. Vaziri, this is part of your job.
Arastoo: Then I would like to quit this part of the job.

1. Men are so not meant for this
Hodgins: Lucky for us, he left behind fibers from a PriceCo flannel shirt.
Angela: No way! My genius. [Clutches her stomach] Aaah. Aaah.
Hodgins: Oh God.
Angela: Oh, don’t worry. It’s nothing. It’s nothing.
Hodgins: Okay, that is definitely something. [Coming around the table and seeing her in pain] Oh my God, oh, God, okay. [Yelling] Baaaaaby! Uh okay. Baaaaaaby! Okay okay. Baaaaaaby!
Angela: According to the birthing class, that is so not how you’re supposed to act right now.

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