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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season Finale Spoilers: Everything Will Not Be as It Seems

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

We can’t think of enough four letter acronyms to describe “The Sun Also Rises” (though ZOMG, STFU, and OMFG do come to mind). Honestly, we feel kind of bad for next week’s season finale for having to follow such a class act. What more could we ask for — and um, what more could go wrong?

Though let us not forget that in the land of Mystic Falls, things change quickly. And nothing is ever calm for more than a few scenes — not even after a doozy like this episode. But Nina Dobrev (Elena) calls next week’s finale “a homage to the characters,” and more “character-driven” than action-driven. We’ll see the characters attempt to work through what’s happened and choose how to deal. But don’t think that means all is sunshine and rainbows (and much-needed therapy sessions).

“Don’t get me wrong: Of course, there’s gonna be a cliffhanger,” Nina tells Entertainment Weekly. “The show’s not gonna end on a subtle note. We’re still gonna end in a way that people need and have to come back to find out what happens next season, but in a different kind of way.”

Speaking of different, Nina says we’ll see some “really cool visual tricks.” “We go into flashbacks and into hallucinations. You won’t really know which is which until you’re intended to know... That’s why it’s a very confusing, very interesting episode that makes you think,” she says. Sign us up!

In other finale news, Jeremy fans rejoice: We’ll see a lot of the younger Gilbert in the show’s finale minutes. “He takes part in the action in a way. That’s all I can reveal,” Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) said. He added: “Working with Kat [Graham] has been so great. She is a great actress and an even better person. I have been happy to finally have a girlfriend with a fighting chance at surviving. Jeremy has what we call around the set ‘the kiss of death.’ All of his love interests seem to die on him, but Bonnie is powerful and at least has a fighting chance at surviving all the supernatural villains around town.”

Fighting chance for Bonnie? Heck yes! We only hope we can say the same for Jeremy...

Source: EW

05.7.2011 / 03:46 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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