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Dancing With The Stars

OMG Alert: Bristol Palin Moving In With Fellow DWTS Star Kyle Massey For New Reality Show?

Jennifer Grey is gonna feel left out after this one! In today’s news-that-sounds-like-a-joke, Dancing With the Stars Season 11 finalists Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey are about to reunite for a 10-part reality TV show.

Bristol, 20, will be moving to Los Angeles with her 2-year-old son, Tripp, to live with Season 11 runner-up Kyle, 19, and his brother Chris, 21, to film an as-yet-untitled documentary series for the BIO Channel.

David McKillop, Executive Vice President of Programming for A&E and BIO, told People Magazine the series will follow Bristol as she works at a small charity.

"Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to," David McKillop said. "Her personal life has been playing out in the media for several years but this will be the first time she's opening up her real life, with her and son and her friends the Massey brothers."

The show is supposed to air at the end of this year.

What happened to going to school in Arizona? Last we checked, Bristol bought a house close to Arizona State University for that very reason. Now she’s uprooting Tripp again?

This news comes on the heels of speculation that Bristol had some plastic surgery done. She does look different, but it’s probably just a new hair color, professional makeup, and weight loss. Why she would lose the weight after DWTS instead of actually on the show is a mystery. But why Bristol does anything she does is confusing at this point.

Source: People

05.9.2011 / 11:12 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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