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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler: Mrs. DiLaurentis to Appear on Pretty Little Liars Season 2

We’ve met Alison (Sasha Pieterse)'s creepy brother Jason (Parker Bagley) plenty of times on Pretty Little Liars, but her parents have mostly been missing from the show. It’s a little weird considering that there’s a murder investigation surrounding their daughter’s death and they’re never a part of it. However, that’s all about to change next season since Alison’s mom, Jessica DiLaurentis, will be returning to Rosewood.

Wet met Alison’s mom, played by Anne Marie DeLuise, briefly during the pilot. She was at Ali’s funeral and guided Aria (Lucy Hale) to sit with her former best friends. But according to TVLine, Mrs. DiLaurentis will be recast as a recurring role and will first come back for a tribute to Ali.
Guess we’ll see a lot more of her next season, but hopefully that doesn’t mean there will be more of Jason too...

Source: TVLine