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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Kasia Upset Tyra Didn’t Keep Her Word About Alexandria

One of our favorite "fiercely real" America's Next Top Model contestants of all time, Kasia Pilewicz, recently sat down with RealityBlitz to talk about her last ANTM photo shoot (the one that got her sent home) as well as Tyra’s inability to keep her word about Alexandria Everett.

When asked by the website if the production side of things might have gotten in the way of finding the best model on the show, Kasia replied, “It’s quite possible. They have to combine both aspects of it: the TV side and the modeling side. [...] They have to make a good TV show I guess."

As we know, Alexandria finally got the axe but, as we noted after Kasia got sent home, her bad attitude should have gotten her booted way before Kasia. And, of course, Kasia didn't think she deserved to go home. “I really was expecting a second chance, said Kasia. "[Alexandria]... said on this show that she got a second chance. I was like, um, ‘No, that’s, like, your seventh chance’. I was just really disappointed that the judges didn’t give me even one second shot. I had never even been in the bottom two.”

Former ANTM winner Whitney Thompson also weighed in on Kasia's elimination and noted that the people behind the show will exploit any sort of emotional vulnerability. At the same time, Whitney thinks Kasia’s wavering self-esteem was at fault more than anything. Industry insiders agreed, pointing out that the show represented a real-life situation for a plus-size model rather than a pre-planned conspiracy by the ANTM producers. At this point, we think it’s a little bit of both.

Kasia also told RealityBlitz that Tyra’s previous promise to send Alexandria home if her attitude got in the way again didn’t seem to have any weight on the final decision. “I was really hoping Tyra would keep her word and that disappointed me a little bit. It’s like, why say it? It airs on national television and then you’re not going to keep your word? People notice that. People remember that. So, who’s looking bad there? [...] Maybe ultimately she doesn’t have that control. I think she does, but I don’t know. But something like that, I don’t think it’s fair. It doesn’t look good.”

In Wetpaint's exclusive interview with Kasia, she backed up this point: “I thought Tyra would keep her word — she had said before, ‘The next time it happens that you [try to] direct a shoot, you're going home.’ And she didn't keep that, unfortunately for me.”


05.12.2011 / 03:00 AM EDT by Linda Segatto
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