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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Promises to Eat More (While Shaking Her Head No)

We can vote for Kirstie Alley to dance more on Dancing With the Stars, but is there a way to vote for her eat more?

Her weight entered the spotlight again on DWTS Season 12, Week 8 when she got so lightheaded during rehearsals that she kept falling over. She told her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy that she only had about 150 calories so far that day and was down to 1,400 calories total, despite the strenuous exercise of dancing about six hours a day. Maks said it was time for her to scale back the dieting.

During an Extra interview this week, DWTS pro Tony Dovolani — who also happens to be Maks's best friend — asked Kirstie to promise to eat more than 1,400 calories a day. "Of course I promise," Kirstie told him, then turned to the camera and shook her head, "No." Eek.

"I eat plenty, trust me," Kirstie said. "My goal is for someone to say, 'You need a sandwich.'"

After that, Maks immediately told her she needed a sandwich and Tony added, "You need a whole dinner!"

Kirstie does tend to joke around a lot and she took to Twitter to tell fans, “Just for the record...I am eating...There was ONE day when I forgot to eat...Honestly, not to worry...I'm extremely healthy & strong...;)”

We worry about you, Kirstie! Whatever size you are is perfect. (But we don’t think it’s actually a size 4.)

Watch the full Extra video below to see Tony ask the DWTS pros for their dream dance partners. (Who wants to dance with Jennifer Aniston? All right, how about…Arnold Schwarzenegger?)

Source: Extra