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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ricky’s 4 Most Ben-Like Moments From Season 3, Episode 21: “Young At Heart”

Usually Ricky’s so off-the-charts studly that we don’t even know what to do with ourselves, but in last Monday’s Secret Life of The American Teenager episode, Amy was totes killing Ricky’s stud vibes. In fact, he was kind of reminding us of Ben: needy, virginal... you know, basically just a huge nerd. Sigh, welcome to Secret Life bizzaro land, a sad place where our fave bad boys fail.

We’ve rounded up Ricky’s most Ben-like moments (read: un-studliest) from “Young At Heart” — but don’t worry, we’ve thrown in one studly moment at the end — just to make you feel better!

Ricky’s 4 Most Ben-Like Moments From Season 3, Episode 21: “Young At Heart”
Credit: ABC Family    

1. So un-studly that he’s a house husband. Ricky was seriously on the verge of tears when he called Amy! He’s totally the stereotypical needy girlfriend in their relationship right now. We can see Ben pulling this crap, but Ricky? He should be ignoring Amy’s phone calls, not the other way ‘round! Studs the world over are shaking their heads in disbelief.

2. So un-studly that he has to beg his girlfriend to have sex with him. 2012 must be coming, because Secret Life land is in total chaos. Usually girls are lining up to get a chance to bang Ricky, but now they’re full on denying him! Amy couldn’t be less interested in Ricky’s assets, and the poor guy is straight up pleading with her to at least gateway sex him. Oh, Ricky, what happened to you? Did you run out of hair gel or something?

3. So un-studly that he turned down sex with Karlee. Everyone knows that ladies love studs like Tyra Banks loves “smiling with her eyes,” and Ricky is the sexiest stud out there. Karlee was so obvious about wanting to bone Ricky that she practically de-pants him right in front of George Juergens. So, did Ricky pick up what she was throwing down? Nope. Hang up your leather jacket Ricky, ‘cause right now you can’t pull it off.

4. So un-studly that he plays golf. Wow. Seriously? Golf is the least sexy sport ever. The fact that Ricky chose to blow off steam on the putting range instead of riding around on a motorcycle or getting a lip tattoo that says “THUG LIFE” (like a normal stud would do) is majorly worrying.

And finally, just to make you feel better...

5. Still so studly that he practically made out with Amy’s ear! Don’t worry guys, Ricky might be the anti-stud right now, but he still had one bad boy moment that pretty much makes up for all his Ben-like behavior this week. He made out with/whispered “I wanna sleep with you” in Amy’s ear. Bust out your Ray Bans, Ricky — you’re back in action.