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Gossip Girl

Sound Off! Are You Sad to See Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen Leave Gossip Girl?

Sure, we always talked about how great it would be if V (Jessica Szohr) packed her bags and left town. But when it comes down to it, do we really mean it?

We give T-Moms a hell of a time and used to make fun of Little J at any given opportunity, but now that she’s gone — are we just the tiniest bit crestfallen?

Perhaps the real reason behind our disappointment is that we know there’s no one to make fun of now that those two gals are gone for good. What will we do with all this displaced disdain come Season 5? Raina and Charlie may very well have to watch out...

But enough about OUR issues. What do you think, Upper East Siders? Are you glad that GG sent these gals packing? Or, like us, are you oddly disappointed?

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