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Sue Is the Dentist From Hell! Sue Sylvester’s Most Outrageous Moments From Glee’s “Prom Queen”

Is there a character on Glee who better embodies the phrase "love to hate" than Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)? In any given episode, it can be tough to keep track of all her antics. To that end, we’ve compiled our top five most jaw-dropping Sue moments from “Prom Queen.” Sure, they may be pure evil, but they're pretty fun to watch, too! Admit it.


5. Talk about a weird way to remember Grandma
Look, we’re all about family heirlooms. But when you’re still serving punch from the bowl that your grandmother died in, it might be time to take a trip to Crate & Barrel.

4. Sue shows concern for Schue’s hair, as usual
Sue buys Schue (Matt Morrison) a huge bottle of spray-on margarine for his hair, and the first thing we think is, “Wow, she’s really stayed committed to this ‘Will has greasy hair’ routine.” But then the second thing we think is, “Do people actually use spray-on margarine?”

3. Sue enjoys Quinn’s sadness. (Okay, so maybe we don’t judge her too harshly for that.)
We can’t really criticize Sue for breaking up a fight between Jesse (Jonathan Groff) and Finn (Cory Monteith). However, she really seemed to enjoy the fact that Finn’s absence jeopardized Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) path to the prom court. Then again, Quinn’s been more than a little obnoxious with her prom queen campaign of late. (Translation: Karma’s a bitch, Quinn.)

2. She tries to prevent yet another glee performance
Not only does she try to keep glee from performing at the prom, but she also calls out individual songs that the group has done in the past, starting with the infamous “Run Joey Run.” (On second thought, maybe Sue isn’t so crazy after all.)

1. You can’t handle the tooth
While reprimanding Artie (Kevin McHale) for supposedly spiking her precious punch, Sue appears to be mere seconds away from one her most violent incidents yet. Luckily, Becky bursts in and prevents Sue from getting her Marathon Man on. And why exactly is Sue allowed to have that crazy toolkit in her office? The school’s handyman needs to keep a better eye on that thing.

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More Sue shenanigans coming up next week’s “Funeral”...check it out:

05.12.2011 / 04:38 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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