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The Vampire Diaries

Stefan’s a Real Ripper: Top 5 OMG Moments from The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale

We love those moments on The Vampire Diaries that make us gasp, pause, and rewind — and Episode 22, “As I Lay Dying,” was chock full of them. Here are the five scenes that left us with our jaws agape in this week’s second season finale.

5. Klaus is so not his brother’s keeper
“My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own [family],” Elijah smugly told Stefan. His big bro Klaus chimed in, “And so I shall.” With that, the original vampire stuck the infamous ash-dipped dagger of doom into his little bro’s chest. Elijah shouted in pain. While Stefan and Katherine watched, Klaus looked into his brother’s eyes and pulled him close, ensuring the blade be-stilled his heart. “Shhhh,” he whispered. He gingerly put his hand on Elijah’s face as if soothing a crying child. “Shhhhhhh.” Klaus stepped back and let his brother’s body fall to the floor. Then, without missing a beat, he turned to Stefan and slammed him into the wall. “Now what am I going to do with you?”

4. A missed target
“Hey it’s me. I’m with Damon at the Grill,” Jeremy said. Damon stood up, made eye contact with Liz Forbes, then vamped aside just as she fired. No pause. No stop-or-I’ll-shoot warning. Just “Pow!” Then Elena’s little brother was down with a bullet wound in his chest. Bleeding. Stunned. Trembling. Scaring the sense out of us all.

3. Jeremy sees double
When Emily and the other dead witches told Bonnie there would be “consequences” for bringing Jeremy back to life, they weren’t kidding. The whispers and the weird feeling annoyed Lil’ Jer. But it was the footsteps on the stairs that pulled him out of bed that night. He got up to investigate. The ghost of his ex Vicki followed. “Jer,” she said. Jeremy looked back. There was no one behind him. When he looked forward there was the late vampire Anna standing two feet away. Then Vicki appeared where only her voice had been. A few hours after he came back from the beyond, Elena’s kid brother found himself sandwiched between a very adult problem — his two dead exes.

2. Damon’s dying moments
Promising to forsake her own safety to stay by his side “right to the very end.” Elena did more than give hope to dying vampire Damon. She showed him love. After climbing into bed with him, Elena snuggled by his side, and held his hand in his darkest, most vulnerable moment. “I deserve to die,” Damon confessed. Believing this was his end, the elder Salvatore apologized for everything he’d ever done. Then he made the ultimate confession: “I love you. You should know that,” he said. “I do,” Elena replied. But he wasn’t finished. “You should have met me in 1864,” he said. “You would have liked me.” Not that Elena needs to time travel. “I like you now. Just the way you are,” she replied. With that she kissed Damon tenderly. Yes, the producers were trying to kill us with this one. For reals.

1. Stefan wants to drink your blood
Nothing’s more painful than watching a good man go bad. Especially when they do it so quickly. After Klaus forced him to binge drink blood all evening, Stefan didn’t even try to resist feeding when the original presented him with the girl. “I could have compelled her to behave but a real ripper enjoys the hunt,” Klaus said. Then he took a bite out of the victim just to get her blood dripping. The girl ran off screaming. Stefan didn’t blink. He simply vamped in front of her. Then with no words and barely a pause he drained her. The Nice Guy Salvatore is a “real ripper” once more.

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