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The Bachelor

Michelle Money on Brad Womack, Her “Type,” and How She’s Totally Not Dating Bachelor Charlie O’Connell

If you've got the money, Honey, we've got the time! Ashley Spivey just gave us the Michelle Money guest-blogging experience, and you need to carve out some time to read the whole thing on Ash’s blog, Say No to Cosmo.

Michelle gives great answers to a slew of good questions. (We're madly in love with the rumor that she's dating Season 7 Bachelor Charlie O'Connell, even though she's never met him. Commence new rumor that they are engaged... now!)

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Here are some highlights from the still-single "villain" of The Bachelor Season 15.

Why did you go on the show?
Michelle: When the opportunity to go on The Bachelor came about, I was really in a slump. I had been through a bad breakup about a year earlier that I was just recovering from and was feeling ready to get back out there. It had been a long time since I had felt a connection with someone, and Utah was definitely seeming hopeless. So I thought, why not? I’m not having any luck here so why not give it a shot? If it doesn’t work out with this guy, then at least I am putting it out to the Universe that I want to find love and maybe it will come back to me!! Well…it didn’t work out…and I still haven’t found love…but the journey I went on was so much better than I could have imagined.

Are you dating Charlie O’Connell?
Michelle: I have never even had a conversation with Charlie let alone date him. I really don’t know where this rumor came about, but its really funny! I’ll go with it!

Tell us a secret!
Michelle: Charlie and I are engaged! We are so excited! jkjkjk

Did you ever figure out how you got a black eye?
Michelle: This will always be a mystery to me. I wish I knew because it is more embarrassing not knowing than if I knew the cause. It is the first thing I am going to ask God when I die!

Were you that attracted to Brad?
Michelle: Yes…although…he has a slight resemblance to my ex-husband Ryan, which kinda got weird every now and then…but yes…very attracted!

Who were you closest to in the house? Who are you still close to?
Michelle: Emily and I became really close right from the get-go. We were in the same limo and just kinda stayed together ever since. When we both realized we were the only girls on the show with kids, let alone little 5-year-old girls, we really connected. We would literally cry together because we missed our girls so much! Keltie was also someone I clicked with right away and same with Lisa and Raichel. I talk to Emily a few times a week and same with Lisa. And Keltie is all over the place so when we are both in L.A. at the same time, we always get together! I have also become really close to Natalie Getz! So we are always out gallivanting together somewhere in Brentwood when I am out there! Almost everyone else I try to stay in touch with via text or email or Twitter…You could probably guess the ones I don’t…

Did you ever sneak upstairs during filming (aka cocktail hour) to take a nap?
Michelle: I have no clue what you are talking about. I totally didn’t do this three times. I don’t know why you would bring this up…

Has dating been hard since the show?
Michelle: Dating has always been kinda hard for me. I am really picky about who I even go out with. There has to be a connection there to begin with. I don’t do blind dates, or if I get asked out and am not interested, I will graciously decline. It’s very different when you have a child. My time is very valuable to me and I don’t like wasting anyone’s time! When I find a connection with someone, I usually end up dating that guy seriously. I have had some really cute guys reach out to me via Facebook and Twitter. One, in particular, flew out to Utah where we met for the first time and we totally hit it off! This was after many phone conversations and some Skyping sessions! It CAN be done, ladies!

Are you still single?
Michelle: Yes.

Who is the perfect guy?
Michelle: Tall, dark, and handsome! Confident and passionate…passion is important to me. Not just the sexual kind of passion, but passion for SOMETHING in life! Someone I can see being a great example and friend to Brielle. Someone who has a personal relationship with God. I am always attracted to the funny guy. I’m not really into the type of guy that is too clean-cut. Someone who is a little rough around the edges. Why? Do you know someone?

Michelle should probably wait for The Bachelorette Season 7 to finish, then pick a hot guy from Ashley Hebert’s castoffs! (If Ryan “Mickey” McLean is still single, he might be a good match...)

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