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Ruben Santiago-Hudson Believes It’s ”Important to Keep This Family Together”

Castle Star Believes a Character Dying Could ''Damage the Entire Season''

Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC    

There’s been plenty of speculation about who’s biting the dust on tonight’s Castle season finale. Is it Lanie the medical examiner? Martha Rodgers, Castle’s adorable live-in mama? Or even Gina, Castle’s oft-absent ex-wife (and in that case, would anybody care?)

We’re not 100 percent sure who’s gonna go, but we do have our guesses. Given the evidence, one character we think might be on his way out the door is Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago Hudson). We know stars usually stay pretty tight-lipped about these sorts of things, but Hudson did recently chat with Mike Movies’ Mike Gencarelli about the anticipated end-of-season cliffhanger — and even he’s scared about who’s getting the axe!

“We have the cliffhanger in the end, which our producers are going to decide which one of us or how many of us they are going to taken out of the show,” Hudson explained. “I hope whatever they do it is for the best in the show. I believe it is important to keep this family together because it really it a special group. Taking anything out of that group, even to give the fans one great episode will damage the entire season.”

He added: “So I am hoping and praying we all stay together but knowing the powers that be, they might do something they shouldn’t do.”

We feel your pain, Ruben. And what makes our hearts hurt more? The fact that a guy who calls his co-workers “family” is potentially a dead man!

Sigh. Is it 10 p.m. yet?

Source: Movie Mikes

05.17.2011 / 12:33 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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