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Why Did Castle Kill Off Montgomery? Andrew Marlowe Tells All

Plus: The Castle Creator Talks About Season 4!

Credit: ABC    

Where do we start? Last night's Castle finale was — as promised — epic. Intense. Crazy. Over-the-top. And then, ultimately, tear-jerking. And did we mention frustrating? ‘Cause it was. We have so many unanswered questions!

Luckily, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe took a moment to chat with TV Guide after the finale and respond to a few biting finale questions.

For starters, where did the idea to kill off Captain Montgomery and — perhaps more importantly — tie him into Beckett's mother’s murder come from? Marlowe dished that it “grew organically out of the series, out of who he is to Beckett and why he’s such a mentor to her.” He added: “We realized when we got deeper into Beckett's mother's murder mythology that somebody had to be protecting Beckett from herself when she was looking into this, so it made sense that the captain was involved.”

Obviously, we’re peeved our beloved captain was so ... shady. But then we remember how good he’s actually been to Beckett over the years and we get a little misty-eyed. We wonder: What will life be like for her — and all of the 12th precinct — without him?

Credit: ABC    

Marlowe said that very question is a hot storyline they’ll explore next season. Plus, he let it be known that a new, possibly less empathetic captain could mean probs for the Caskett ‘ship.

“We think it's interesting to grow Beckett and Castle by having somebody who may not look as favorably on Beckett as the Captain did or may not look as favorably on the Castle-Beckett relationship,” he said.

Now, let’s talk about that cliffhanger. And what a cliffhanger it was! We’re used to sitting on the edges of our seats during Castle, but those final moments of last night’s ep were just ... WOW. So we’re obviously very curious: Did Beckett, in her near-death state, hear Castle drop the L-bomb? Marlowe confirmed that she did. Squee!

“I think in that moment she does. I know exactly how I'm dealing with it next season, but it would be unfair to the experience of the audience to tell them right now,” he said. So yeah, as always, don’t expect an immediate resolution.

“I'm sure some of [the fans] will feel like I've skirted the issue initially and then come to realize that I've dealt with it in an interesting character way,” Marlowe explained. “The questions are going to be answered.”

In fact, Marlowe revealed that Season 4 will focus a lot on a “real push and pull between Beckett and Castle” — not necessarily directly because of Castle’s “I love you,” but because Beckett wants to explore the new “mystery man” involved in her mom’s case. But Castle feels more responsible for her well-being after his confession. Yeah. Once you’ve used the L-word, all bets are off. You’re hooked.

In the end, Castle will end up in a similar place to the Captain — but we don’t mean six feet under. “[Castle’ll] end up with a little more information than she has, and he can't be honest with her about it,” Marlowe said. Yep. Sounds familiar! He adds: “It's going to cause a complexity in their relationship that's going to be interesting.”

OK, Castle lovers. Only four months to go...

Source: TV Guide