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America's Next Top Model

And America’s Next Top Model Is… ANTM Cycle 16 Finale Recap

And it all comes down to this, the ANTM finale, the last chance for our girls to prove themselves.

We start with Brittani, who is ready to overcome her tough upbringing and reflects on her fight with Alexandria via montage. Molly wants to prove that people do change and hopes to make her parents proud. She's also never noticed how high her cheekbones were until the show. It's the little things, people.

Taking a Meeting With Ivan Bart

The IMG vice-prez meets one-on-one with the girls. The chats are brief and not at all revelatory. We end with pretty much what we knew before: Molly takes amazing photos, and Brittani's strength is runway. But it's cool they got to hang with him.

Perfect Lips, Pretty Good Commercial

Time for the CoverGirl commercial and print ad for Lip Perfection. Molly does a solid job rehearsing her lines with Jay, while Brittani sounds like she's reading off a list instead of feeling the deep emotions people feel when they talk about lipstick. Then, she starts to cry. Oh boy. When it comes time to film, however, Molls looks stunning, but also sounds self-conscious. She has trouble finding a balance between being herself and being a dynamic model. Brittani, on the other hand, starts off rattling lines, but then turns out a performance Jay calls quirky and fun. Looks like Britt is in the lead at this point. The print ad shoots are only shown briefly, and it seems like both models do pretty well, though everyone burst into applause for Molls. That's usually a good sign.

There's No Chicken in the Salad

The "Beauty in Vogue" shoot is up next. This kind of feels like a race, doesn't it? They're basically in lingerie staring longingly at their reflections. The photographer and Vogue stylist fancy Brittani a professional and thought she looked like she was enjoying herself. Molly, on the other hand, is cranky and stressed before her shoot even starts. She complains about the cold, the lack of chicken in her lunch, and having to go second. Yikes. The crew definitely picks up on this energy. Molls keeps saying, "I'm gonna be so pissed if I don't win." But it seems like she's already pissed anyway.

Things Get Sad and Happy All at Once

Molly's parents make a surprise appearance at the house, and it's a really bittersweet moment. Brittani's mom, who suffers from an anxiety disorder and had recent back surgery, couldn't make the trip. We have a lot of sympathy for her here — that can't be easy. But luckily, Molly's mom is awesome and offers encouraging words to both girls. Also, Brittani gets to web chat with her mama, so at least they have some communication.

Mind the Rose Petals

Onto the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania runway show. This time things are a little different, and the models will be walking salon-style from room to room. Kasia, Alexandria and Hannah are all walking in the show, too. And so is Ann Ward! Oh, Ann. Miss you, girl. The models have giant curly 'fros for the Viv show, and both finalists look amazing. The first pass around the room goes well. Molly is clearly trying to match Brittani's fierceness, and Britt delivers her usual stellar walk. The second pass goes even better for each of them, and at this point, they seem neck-and-neck. And then there's the final pass. Walking/posing together proves a little awkward, and Brittani starts giggling in front of the judges. Uh oh. And then, because rose petals on the runway were super necessary, Brittani slips at the end of the runway and hurts her ankle pretty badly. She's able to pull it together for the final-final pass.

Makeovers, Part Deux

So, Ivan Bart is backstage at the end of the show and says the models are getting new looks for panel. They show up in front of the judges with totally cropped cuts. We don't get any indication of how they feel about them, but Tyra is clearly in love. Anyway, here's how it shakes out.

Runway Walk

As predicted, everyone flips for Britt's walk, but Tyra is not liking that she broke character and laughed. Understandable. Andre and Jay give her props for gracefully recovering from her nasty spill. They think she was confident and loved her posing. As far as Molls goes, Andre thinks her walk is a little too bouncy, but Tyra thinks it will be great with a little work. This category goes to Brittani.


Ah, the always awkward CoverGirl commercial. Brittani delivers her lines with an appropriate amount of enthusiasm, and Nigel loves the angles of her face. The judges all look pleased. Onto Molly's. As soon as her best take is over, Tyra says "mean girl." She feels Molly's delivery was a little too tough, and Andre wishes she had gotten the haircut before the shoot. We wish they hadn't made her wear that awkward scarf. OK, seems like Brittani wins this one, too.

Print Ad

Brittani is stunning, edgy, and brilliant, according to Tyra & Co. It really is a great shot of her. Molly also looks beautiful and not at all intimidating. But the strange thing is, this was the category she was supposed to nail, and the judges don't seem to be falling all over themselves. It sorta sounds like Brittani has it in the bag at this point.

An Evaluation of Their Previous Evaluations

Tyra, Nigel, Jay, and Andre take a look back at Molly and Brittani's respective bodies of work. It's mostly a series of exclamatory remarks: The light, my God! It's new! It's now! It gave my life meaning again!

And America's Next Top Model Is...

Credit: Walter Sassard/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC.    

Brittani! She's so excited to tell her mom. It's sweet. Molly looks pretty bummed, but handles it better than expected. She wants a nap and a pulled-pork sandwich. Not a bad idea.

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