Off With Her Hair! OMG Moments: ANTM Cycle 16, Season Finale
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America's Next Top Model

Off With Her Hair! OMG Moments: ANTM Cycle 16, Season Finale

Well, they weren't going to leave us without a few good ones, right? Even with just two finalists left, we still spotted five OMG moments in the Cycle 16 finale. Check 'em out.

5. Someone's got a potty mouth.

Not that we mind. Molly's language has been, let's say, colorful throughout the cycle, but we couldn't help but laugh/cringe when she referred to herself as an a**hole in front of her parents and Tyra Banks, the three people in the world who can send her to her room with no TV for it.

4. Lunch is wrong. The cold is wrong. Everything's just wrong.

Bummed by her performance at the commercial, Molly was down and out during the Beauty in Vogue shoot, complaining about minor annoyances that she might have considered ignoring until she, um, beat Brittani. That the photographer and stylist both picked up on her lack of energy spelled doom for her.

3. Why you shouldn't throw things on people from overhead.

Can we talk about how preventable Brittani's fall was? Yeah, models have to be able to work in all conditions, kind of like postal workers, but honestly, were the rose petals even necessary? These girls had mile-wide hair, metallic pants, and two different color eyeshadows. The theatrics were covered.

2. Everybody just wants to talk to their mom.

Britt knew her mom wouldn't be in Morocco because of medical reasons, and seeing Molly's parents there was obviously tough. She won, so we guess it doesn't matter, but couldn't they have gotten a friend of hers to fly out instead? Did it have to be a parent? (BTW, Molly's mom rules. Super sweet.)

1. Time to chop everyone's hair off for no reason.

What we would give to see the footage of these haircuts. Why did this happen? And why in the last five minutes? The new short 'dos were much more edgy and editorial, but Andre kind of hit the nail on the head when he said he'd wished Molly's makeover had happened before she shot the commercial. Yeah, that would have made some sense, right, ATL? Instead, Tyra just complimented them on the new looks and then proceeded to exclude them as a factor in the final decision. 'Kay.

05.19.2011 / 07:05 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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