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Secret Life of the American Teenager

4 Studliest Ricky Moments in ”Loose Lips”

Lately, Ricky's had his fair share of “Ben Moments” (you know, basically being a huge, needy baby), but oh, how times have changed. In last Monday’s Secret Life of the American Teenager episode, Ricky was even more studerific than usual!

Start swooning, ladies!

1. So studly that he’s literally slept with every girl at Grant High. We’ve always made fun of Ricky for banging every broad in school, but we were just joking around — little did we know it was actually true! Was there anyone up in that hallway who hadn’t played “hide the sausage” in Ricky’s butcher shop? Negative.

2. So studly that he refuses to drop the L-word at school. Ricky might reluctantly say “I love you” in the comforts of his bachelor pad, but that shiz so doesn’t fly at school. When Amy tried to get all lovey-dovey, Ricky totally shot her down: “Not at school, OK? That’s personal.” God, Amy. What were you thinking?

3. So studly that he says “I love you” just to sex ladies. Every girl dreams that the hottest guy in school will drop the love bomb on her! Usually, that kind of sentiment comes with flowers and chocolates, but Ricky’s dates just go home with their memories.

4. So studly that he threatened to sexile Amy if she didn’t leave him alone. Ricky and Amy haven’t had sex yet, but that doesn’t stop him from threatening to cut her off from the good stuff. Did you see the panic in Amy’s eyes when Ricky said he wouldn’t sex her if she kept crying all over her turtle neck? Welcome to the stud zone.

05.20.2011 / 12:13 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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