Jesse St. James’s Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments From Glee’s “Funeral”
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Jesse St. James’s Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments From Glee’s “Funeral”

With Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) having her aha! moment after her sister’s passing this week, New Directions’ competition-turned-consultant Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) filled her evil shoes perfectly, dishing out insults and crushing the glee club’s self-esteem all along the way. Here are Jesse’s top five most jaw-dropping moments from “Funeral.” We know we should totally hate him right now, but we’re waiting for him to stop looking so darn adorable.

5. Jesse convinces Mr. Schue to hold auditions

Instead of performing a duet like they did at Regionals last year, Jesse “advises”Will (Matthew Morrison) and New Directions to only focus on one performer, causing much intra-glee club conflict. Not to mention, said auditions become the site for his most scathing critiques (see #1). Poor Mercedes (Amber Riley), Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Santana (Naya Rivera)! Ouch, ouch, and ouch!

4. Jesse disses Finn — bad!

It kills us when Jesse calls out Finn’s (Cory Monteith) singing and dancing in front of the club (even if his comparison to a zombie in need of relief is fairly accurate). Clearly, these two aren’t exactly besties, but Jesse shooting down Finn’s chances at a duet with Rachel and embarrassing him in front of everyone — though funny at first — is a little hard to watch.

3. In Jesse’s world: Nationals trumps a funeral

Staying focused on Nationals is one thing. But telling the group to bypass Jean Sylvester’s funeral? Harsh! And it’s a good thing Kurt and Finn ignored him, because they ended up putting together the most heartfelt — and coolest? — funeral ever. This round: New Directions - 1, Jesse - 0.

2. Jesse uses his power for (his) good

If only Rachel could have known that Finn decided to dump Quinn (Dianna Agron) for her, maybe she wouldn’t have kissed Jesse (aka The World’s Biggest Jerk). Then again, he had just told her (however mistakenly) that she’d gotten the solo for Nationals, so we’ll blame her excitement over that discover for her lapse in judgement — and the fact that the kid’s got major game.

1. Simon Cowell would be proud

Jesse takes his reality-judge aspirations too far when he insults all the members of New Directions during their auditions — except for Rachel, natch. And what was he writing down as Santana performed? Turns out, he was drawing a freakin’ cat! Way to take your advising duties seriously, buddy. (In fact, the only way we’d forgive him is if he were actually drawing Lord Tubbington, our favorite cat ever!)

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