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The Vampire Diaries

Malese Jow: Reprising Role as Anna Was “the Best Surprise Ever”

We know The Vampire Diaries is notorious for its twists and turns, but the return of Jeremy’s old vampire girlfriends Anna and Vicki was one shocker we don’t think anyone expected — including the actresses themselves!

Malese Jow, who plays Anna, told MTV’s Hollywood Crush that being asked back to the show was “the best surprise ever.” She adds: “It was a huge shock and it took a few days to set in.” We feel ya, girl. It still hasn’t sunk in for us yet!

Perhaps the reason we’re having such a hard time grasping the notion that the vamp vixens are back is because their deaths seemed so final. Anna was, like many a vamp before her, staked by John Gilbert. We were never really sure if she actually had feelings for Jeremy, or was just using him to get closer to Elena — whose blood she eventually used to supply her own vamp mother with more strength. In all honesty, even Malese thought her character was gone for good! “...The fact that they would try to write something to bring us back — it's just such an honor,” she says.

But the best part for Malese was that the surprise was actually “kept under wraps.” She admitted she was tempted to spill the beans more than once. “[Keeping the return a secret] was really hard for me because I love my Team Anna fans,” she says. “And then I knew immediately they would freak out, but the secret was well worth it. It just made the shock a million times more amazing and effective.”

To say the least.

Source: Hollywood Crush

05.20.2011 / 12:59 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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