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Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes Blasts Grey’s Anatomy Copycats

ABC up-fronts were this week, and Shonda Rhimes took the opportunity to not-to-subtly vent about the present state of network TV drama. We hear her, big time, but she came off a hair self-important, ranting about Grey's Anatomy copycats and how she handles fan feedback.

It's true, Shonda is awesome at tackling fan questions and concerns personally via Twitter, but, of course, she also gets tons of haters complaining about why so-and-so isn't hooking with so-and-so yet, and when it will happen, and what plot twists sucked, and what story lines were lame. Et cetera. New York Magazine asked the TV-making maven how she handled fan feedback, and she confessed that she tries to let it slide as much as possible.

"I care, but any time I've ever sort of stopped and paid attention to what was being said or trying to shift anything based on what was being said, the show just started to suck really bad," she admitted. Um, so it was fans who made her write in Izzie performing surgery on a deer? Weak. But, in any case, we're glad she's sticking to her guns and following her instincts — Grey's is on a killer writing streak right now.

She had more than a few digs to throw at her network TV companions though, criticizing the recent slump in the quality of writing. "It feels like there have been a couple of seasons of network television where everything's fallen into the toilet," she griped. True. But we disagree with her next critique: "I, for one, saw a lot of Grey's Anatomy, but with lawyers; Grey's Anatomy, but in the corn field; Grey's Anatomy, but with backup dancers...I'm hopeful that those will stop."

Grey's Anatomy in the corn field?! Is that a dig at Parks and Recreation? Is that even possible? And we assume that Grey's Anatomy with backup dancers is a reference to Glee, but we think that's a stretch, too. Come on, Shonda, we love you, but we can't help you out if you insist on being arrogant and bratty.

Do you think she has a right to complain about Grey's Anatomy copycats, or is she the guiltiest one of them all, churning out Private Practice (a Grey's spin-off), Off the Map (Grey's in the jungle), and Scandal (Grey's Anatomy in a PR firm)? Just some food for thought...

Source: New York Magazine

05.20.2011 / 12:07 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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