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True Blood

Sookie’s Short Shorts Are Giving Anna Paquin a Complex

Anna Paquin (Sookie) seems like a pretty together person. But a wardrobe like Sookie’s would be enough to make anyone a teensy bit insecure.

“I’ve always been a tough cookie,” she tells “I just didn’t do it in short shorts and a blonde ponytail. I mean, if you’re going to be spending literally every single day of your working life wearing clothes that barely cover your body, you’re gonna be extra-diligent. I’ve always been pretty diligent. Just that, there’s just a little extra motivation of, ‘Hmmm, teeny white shorts and a bikini top? I think I will go to Pilates this morning.’”

Now we’re imagining how all the Merlotte’s waitresses stay so fit. We doubt there’s a Pilates studio in Bon Temps, but running from monsters all the time probably keeps the waistline trim.

Anna doesn’t like to starve herself, but sometimes True Blood’s schedule does it for her — resulting in a bunch of cranky TB women.

“It’s what we at work call ‘hangry.’ On set, lunch is usually six hours after crew call. But hair, makeup, wardrobe, and actors usually come in a few hours before crew call. So by the time lunch comes around, the girls get a little what we call ‘hangry.’ Most of the boys start stuffing their faces the second they get to work, and most of the girls are not really morning eaters of the, like, 5 a.m. variety. So by one, two in the afternoon … a little hangry.”

That’s a good way to describe vampires too, actually. They’re not snarling murderously because they lust for your blood; they’re “hangry.”


05.20.2011 / 03:07 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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