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America's Next Top Model

Tyra Declares No More ‘Normal’ on ANTM

We question when exactly America's Next Top Model could ever have been considered "normal," but we guess what Tyra Banks meant by her announcement at The CW up-fronts this week was that we wouldn't be seeing any more of the same-old for the next 16 cycles of ANTM (oh god, we're being hyperbolic, we really hope there won't be 16 more cycles). With America's Next Top Model: All-Stars kicking off in the fall, we're guessing Tyra's trying to stick with a gimmick for every cycle from here on out. Think the all-short-girls Cycle 13, with the memorable catch-phrase, "The Lineup Is 5' 7" And Under. Not The Usual Suspects. BOOK 'EM!" Clever, Ty-Ty...

Anyway, she made a sweeping proclamation at the up-fronts that there would be no more "normal" cycles of ANTM, and, while she refused to elaborate, producers didn't seem to have any idea what she was talking about. This, of course, led us to speculate what kinds of stunts Tyra would be pulling for future cycles. An all-plus-sized round is an obvious possibility. All-international (defeats the purpose of "America's" Next Top Model, but hey, America's Best Dance Crew does it all the time)? An all-orphans cycle? All-moms? All-huge-schnozzes? All-five-headed-girls? All-unfortunate-facial-disfigurements? All-restrictive-religion-practicing-girls with Esther on the permanent judging table? All-bad-teeth? The possibilities are endless.

Put us out of our misery, Tyra. What does it mean?!

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05.20.2011 / 10:27 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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