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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Future Housewife of the Week: Bristol Palin

Introducing a new RHoBH feature: Future Housewife of the Week! Every Friday, we’ll pick someone who’s been popping up in the press and dub them a Future Housewife based on their ability to create drama, live the lifestyle, or just generally be fabulous.

Already well-versed in the reality TV lifestyle (having competed on DWTS and engaged in skeet shooting with her momma on Sarah Palin’s Alaska), Bristol Palin is set to star in her very own show on the BIO Channel. If that goes well, we think Bristol has a real shot at being a Housewife someday. Here’s why:

1. Plastic fantastic: It’s practically a requirement that plastic surgery be a regular part of every Housewife’s beauty regimen. Twenty-year-old Bristol got a jump start on the practice when she had “corrective jaw surgery” back in December 2010. Don’t you just love it when a medically necessary procedure also makes you hotter? (The old “I didn’t have a nose job, the doctors just fixed my deviated septum” excuse is a standard favorite.)

2. Drama mama: Not all the Housewives are wives, but a significant portion of them are mothers. No problem! While Bristol is single (and how much fun would it be to get a peek inside her dating life… especially once it’s time to meet the parents?), she is the proud mother to toddler Tripp.

3. Baked Alaska: Wasilla’s 99687 zip code is thousands of miles from the 90210, but Bristol is already set to pack her bags for the Los Angeles area. As part of her new show, the Alaskan is moving in with DWTS pal Kyle Massey as she juggles working at nonprofit and taking care of Tripp. Since she’ll already be in the area, we’d love to see her bring her deer-hunting, gun-toting, parka-wearing ways to the RHoBH ladies. We need an answer to the age-old question, is it scarier to have someone go Oklahoma or Alaska on you?

4. Media mogul: We know many of the Real Housewives work hard for their money, and Bristol is well on her way to building a media empire, à la NeNe Leakes. She has a book due out this summer, has made the rounds on the abstinence-talk- circuits, guest-starred on Secret Life of the American Teenager, and was even rumored to have been offered a radio-hosting gig. All that’s left is for her to launch a perfume (may we suggest Moose Musk as the name?) and publish her own line of cookbooks for single mothers (maybe Moose Musk is a better title for those?).

Would we love to get a glimpse of Bristol Palin in the revamped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 15 years? You betcha!

05.21.2011 / 01:52 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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