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Jersey Shore

University of Chicago Student Gets His Jersey Shore Academic Conference Approved

Remember our hero, David Showalter, who was petitioning for his school, the University of Chicago, to host a one-day academic conference devoted to Jersey Shore? Well, guess the flip what: funding came through and he got the conference approved!

He used JoinStart to pitch the project and raise money and awareness; now, not only does he have the funds to pull off the academic conference, but he's also got big-shot university profs from across the country coming to speak, plus bloggers from major websites like Gawker.

The conference will take place October 28th at the University of Chicago; the best part for all you post-grads is, the event is open to the public! Well, that's certainly good news; we were really rushing to throw our application together and didn't feel very good about our chances of getting in.

Showalter says the show is already being worked into a few courses on TV, Media, and Cultural Studies, but this would be bumping the macaroni rascals to a whole new level of academic analysis. He told the Huffington Post, "I hope the conference attendees gain a new appreciation for Jersey Shore as a cultural document, realize that even shows that are derided as vulgar or lowbrow have important things to tell us, and learn to be more thoughtful consumers of pop culture themselves. I hope the conference inspires other students to fully pursue their academic interests, no matter how unusual they may seem to others."

OMG, we die! Have we mentioned yet that we freakin' love this kid? This is everything we've been saying all along. Yeah, Snooki's obnoxious sometimes, but her Twitter back-and-forth with McCain made him the country's most followed senator! You can't deny the cultural value of cable's most fascinating screw-ups.

Source: Huffington Post

05.21.2011 / 02:36 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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