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Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Cole Told To Break Up With DWTS’s Derek Hough to Help Image

How obnoxious! Having said that, putting Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough back on the market would make a lot of ladies very happy.

British pop star Cheryl Cole is already a big deal across the pond; now that she’s been named a new X-factor judge, Fox execs have reportedly asked her to dump Derek and start dating a bunch of other eligible men.

Get a load of this nasty remark “a source” told The Mirror:

"Derek may be dreaming of worldwide stardom, but he's seen as a small-time dancer on a TV show...and pretty uncool.”


“TV executives are thinking that if she's going to win over Hollywood, she'd be better off doing it as a sassy and single girl-about-town,” the source continues. “Show producers have told her that being single would do wonders for her image. And there would be no shortage of guys in LA lining up to go on a date with Cheryl."

Reportedly X-Factor honcho Simon Cowell is already suggesting a few guys for her.

So Derek would just be the starter boyfriend? Cheryl is reportedly “torn” about the decision since Derek stood by her side during her divorce from Ashley Cole, and he helped her when she almost died from malaria.

But Cheryl and Derek are already spending a lot of time apart as he’s working on the film Cobu 3D before reportedly planning to return to DWTS for Season 13.

It’s possible these changes would’ve pushed them apart anyway, but how disgustingly Hollywood of producers to want her to dump her supportive b-friend for some A-list name, just to rise a few numbers on some publicist’s speed dial. (Then again, it did work for Derek’s sister, Julianne, who is now dating Ryan Seacrest.)

Source: The Mirror