Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Spoiler: Amy and Ricky ”Get Closer” in the Season 3 Finale

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3 finale is going to be so amazeballs, we cant even deal.

Not only is Adrian poppin’ the fruit out of her looms — Amy and Ricky might finally get around to doing the dirty! These two have been totally “will we or wont we” about their naughty sleepover, but at the end of the finale, Amy shows up at Ricky’s bachelor pad with a overnight bag! Someone’s about to get lucky.

We don’t know for sure that Ramy get down, but we do know that they “get closer.” That better mean physically closer, because if we have to sit through one more sexually tense bonding montage, we’re gonna switch over to Gossip Girl.

OK, fine: That was a lie. We just want to see Ricky shirtless again!


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