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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Could Ben Still Be in Love With Amy? Ken Baumann Tells All — Wetpaint Exclusive!

Oh Em Gee, forget Daren Kagasoff — we have a major crush on The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Ken Baumann!

Wetpaint got a chance to interview this cutie and boy did he deliver. If you’re dying to know the deets about Adrian and Ben’s fraught relationship, Ben's feelings for Amy and how he keeps his hair so well-coiffed.

Wetpaint: So, Ben and Adrian are finally doing the deed — has it really made them closer or are they just in sextacy?

Ken Baumann: I think in moments they are close or intimate, but they got into it for all the wrong reasons, obviously. It was a big mistake — a big “whoops” — so I think that the prime drama of their relationship is that struggle of “is this real or is this a situation where two people are struggling to stay close just to be responsible?” I think it oscillates back and forth. They love each other and they feel close, and maybe they even hate each other and they’re just stuck in this situation for a little while.

Do you think Adrian and Ben should get married?

Oh boy, well I can only speak from Ben’s perspective and I think that at first he is kind of resisting and wanting to shrug off all of his adulthood and wanting to think, “Maybe I’ll just run away and live as a teen on the streets, as a big hobo.” Ultimately, we’ll see as the season comes around and they get married and there you go. He’s set in his path.

OK, everyone’s been teasing a “tragic ending.” We need to know more! Are we in for a sob fest?

I also need to not get sued by ABC Family, so I will refuse to give you any more. (Laughs) They’ve been great but I cannot divulge any more. What would be the fun in that? We’ve got to find out ourselves here.

Do you think Ben is ready to be a dad?

I don’t know if “ready” is the right word. Does he come around pretty quickly? Yeah, I think so. Especially since talking to people who have recognized me from the show that have come up to me and said, “Well, you know we were in the same situation and we both had our kid at 16, 17.” I think you can get used to it pretty quick. And I think that Ben’s a poor guy who is supported by his dad, so I think he would come around very quickly if it was just him as a single dad.

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Is Ben still in love with Amy?

Well, that will be dealt with more in depth in the continuing episodes and I will plead the fifth and not answer that question!

Ricky and Ben are totally bromancing right now! Will they become closer when they’re both daddies?

I think that relationship is a lot of fun and that it’s certainly been a lot of fun for me to play because Daren [Kagasoff] and I are pretty close friends. But I would say that their relationship is always going to be a little bit rocky, just because they are two very stubborn, strong-willed, independent — well, Ben is not nearly as independent — but they’re just two stubborn, smart kids. There’s always going to be just a little bit of tension, because of all the past relationships and sharing of ex-girlfriends and that whole thing. But I think they come together when they recognize that they have to for the greater good.

Who’s your Secret Life character crush?

I would say I would have a Ben Boykewich crush on myself. I would send myself flowers and I’d write myself poetry. I would try to court myself in a very gentlemanly, 16th-century way.

Who is the better kisser, Shailene Woodley or Francia Raisa?

You know what? Francia has really refused to go one way or the other, but Shai has said that Daren is a better kisser. I want to say neither of them to punish them both, but I will go ahead and go with Francia. This past couple seasons we’ve been a little bit all over each other and she’s the most recent relationship Ben’s had as well, so I’ll go with Francia.

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How do you get your hair so coiffed?

Oh boy, you know what? I swear that this is the God’s honest truth. I don’t use anything when I’m just going out walking around. On set, they put product in it, but I don’t put product in it. It naturally stays up. The only thing I put in it sometimes is water, but it’s just a natural kind of a poof. You’d think I’ve trained it year after year of putting my hands through my hair, but no — it’s nothing other than the laws of nature keeping my hair up.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our exclusive interview with Ken, when he talks about his celeb crush and what's on his iPod!!

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