Hot for Teacher: Fantasy Playlist for Aria and Ezra
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Pretty Little Liars

Hot for Teacher: Fantasy Playlist for Aria and Ezra

So maybe the love affair between Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) and her smokin’ hot English teacher, Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding), exists outside the law. But what’s sexier than a dirty little secret? Answer: Our fantasy playlist for Aria and Ezra, featuring choice cuts that evoke the May-September spirit of these tortured lovebirds.

1. All American Rejects - “Dirty Little Secret” [Buy]
A crunchy pop-punk ditty about the pitfalls of secret-keeping suits Aria and Ezra nicely, given their clandestine coupling. “Who has to know?” frontman Tyson Ritter asks. As far as we’re concerned? Only “A.”

2. Ke$ha - “Mr. Watson”
Call us literal, but this little-heard demo by trash-pop diva Ke$ha about seducing her high school history teacher always reminds us of Ezria. “Wanna get my hands in your khaki pants/Teacher teacher, whatcha gonna do?” Ke$ha coos. K$ won’t be wooing any poets by being that crass — at least Aria approached the romance with a little subtlety!

3. Selena Gomez and the Scene - “A Year Without Rain” [Buy]
Selena Gomez has undergone a spectacular transformation from Disney tween to full-fledged pop star, and “A Year Without Rain” is a lush, gorgeous ode to the kind of longing that Aria and Ezra have perfected.

4. Passion Pit - “Little Secrets” [Buy]
Passion Pit are already a favorite of our Liars Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) and Maya St. Germain (Bianca Lawson) had a romantic picnic listening to the Cambridge-based electropopsters — but it’s also a fitting choice for Aria and Ezra. But secrets aren’t always fun: “And you can’t explain/As your friends complain.” Sound familiar, Aria?

5. The Veronicas - “I Can’t Stay Away” [Buy]
Sure, Aria and Ezra have tried to set boundaries with each other — but when love is this passionate, it’s no surprise that they find each other irresistible. Australian pop duo The Veronicas capture the sentiment nicely in this track, “I Can’t Stay Away.”

6. Sky Ferreira - “108” [Buy]
“My secret lover is 108,” rising starlet Sky Ferreira confesses. Aria and Ezra are only separated by a few years, rather than by almost a century, but it still pushes the boundaries of social acceptability. Meanwhile, here’s hoping that Sky is just prone to hyperbole.

7. Lykke Li - “Youth Knows No Pain” [Buy]
We don’t necessarily agree with the message of this brooding slice of gloomy pop from Scandinavian singer-songwriter Lykke Li — in fact, we’d argue that the Liars have experienced more than their fair share of trauma and loss. Still, the song gets the mood of this troubled pair, reminding us of Aria and Ezra’s iconic car makeout scene. Aww!

8. Bonnie McKee - “Confessions of a Teenage Girl” [Buy]
This spunky ditty from criminally underrated singer-songwriter Bonnie McKee chronicles the ways in which teenage girls can get away with almost anything. But that’s not to say there won’t be consequences. (Yes, Aria, we’re looking at you!)

9. Taylor Swift - “Sparks Fly” [Buy]
Remember when that Aria and Ezra met, way back in the Pretty Little Liars pilot? If there had been any more chemistry in that bar, they would have been electrocuted! T-Swizzle’s track, “Sparks Fly,” is a timely reminder of why those moments are just so magical.

10. Erik Hassle - “Are You Leaving”
Last year, Lucy Hale confessed that she was obsessed with Swedish import Erik Hassle — and now he’s back with a new single, “Are You Leaving,” that’s as tragically heartfelt as anything we’ve heard all year.