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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager Recap of Season 3, Episode 23: ”Round II”

Does Adrian Get Her Perfect Baby Shower?

Did you guys miss last night’s dramalicious Secret Life of the American Teenager episode? It was so emotional that we cried our way through an entire box of tissues! Check out Wetpaint’s baller recap to find out what happened in the lives of our fave sex-cited teens!

The Godfather

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Ricky’s super peeved at Leo for his behavior in last week’s episode, so he heads over to the sausage office to confront him. Since Leo’s unavailable, Ricky chats with his sexy assistant Camille and learns a few secrets about Don Boykewich — including his man-crush! Yup, the Sausage King loves himself some Ricky. He’s even decorated his office with pictures of him! Wow, that’s not weird or anything.

Awkward pause ....

Camille tells Leo to apologize to Amy, so he heads on over to the Juergens’ and gets his sorry on. Obvi, Amy forgives him in a heartbeat — you don’t stay mad at a man like Leo or you’ll end up with a dead fish on your porch.


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Ashley just can’t deal with all the hormones polluting the air in southern Cali, so she decides to book it outta the House of Juergens with her mama for some bonding time — but not before getting cozy with her study buddy! When will Toby and Ash get over themselves and do the dirty? Considering that Toby made the last girl he sexed cry, we have a feeling he’ll be awesome in the sack, right? Wrong.

Meanwhile, Grace is all teary about her relationship probs with Grant — not to mention she’s having a major fashion crisis and doesn’t even know it (that sweater ... oh, that sweater). Thank goodness Grant’s aged father, Vic, shows up to give Grace (or Cookie, as Papa Grant likes to call her) some unsolicited words of wisdom about what an awesome girlfriend she is. Grace looks so happy that we swear she almost cried all over Vic’s liver spots.

She and Grant kiss and make up, but she also plants a peck on Jack’s cheek ... are these two really over?

Fight Club

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Amy and Adrian are all set to apologize to each other at school, but when Adrian finds out about the bitchy things Amy said to Ben in last week’s eppy, it’s teen mom war. Amy has a full-blown breakdown and reveals that she’s completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a mother. Is that sympathy we detect on Adrian’s face? Maybe a tear? Nope, it’s just her glittery eyeshadow. Adrian one-ups Amy’s sob story, and honestly — we don’t know who to feel worse for! There’s no doubt that both these girls have it rough.

Ben is so touched by Amy and Adrian’s display of emotion that he comes forward and apologizes to everyone — including Henry and Alice! But just when we think the fab four will finally kiss and make up, Ben makes the big mistake of calling Ricky a “bad boy.” Oh, here go hell come! Ricky flips his shiz and goes on a rant about how misunderstood he is. He just sexed all those ladies to deal with his traumatic childhood, guys! Ben better watch his back, ‘cause Ricky could take him in a heartbeat no matter how much sausage he’s packing.

While Ricky’s off pouting about his studly plight, Amy and Grace throw Adrian a kick-ass baby shower. They round up some of Adrian’s friendsters and other randoms to attend the soiree, and she finally gets the party that she deserves! We’re so happy for this bride-to-be!

Can’t wait for next week’s Secret Life episode? Tune into Wetpaint for spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers! Plus, rewatch "Round II' below!

05.24.2011 / 07:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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