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Jersey Shore

Snooki Breaks Her Cooka Showing Off for the Paparazzi

We're sure the Jersey Shore crew had to deal with plenty of photogs last summer in Seaside, considering they had already skyrocketed to fame by the time Season 3 started filming. But it's nothing compared to the international paparazzi fanfare they met in Italy.

We mostly see the cast ignoring the obnoxious shutterbugs, but Snooki's inner ham just couldn't hold back one more day. She took a minute to pose for photographers, and even tried to show off some of her gymnastics/wrestling skills by doing a high kick for the cameras. Of course, she did this without stretching or proper preparation (and was probably wasted — sure it was the middle of the day, but Snooki's been known to get day-drunk and rowdy, right?), so she seems to have pulled a muscle in a rather uncomfortable place. Right after the 'razzi snapped a pic of her kick, they got a shot of the guidette grabbing her cooka and making her signature "WAH" face. Ouchies! Did you hurt your vagina again, Snooks? We thought you reserved that sort of pain for riding giant dog statues?

Apparently, JWOWW was with Snooki and egging her on the whole time, even taking pictures herself. Jenni, should you really be encouraging this kind of behavior, as the older, more mature friend?

And more importantly, will Snooki ever get through a season of shooting Jersey Shore without sustaining an injury to her lady parts? Guess not. Sorry, Snooks. This is your plight.

Source: Daily Mail

05.24.2011 / 10:06 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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