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Secret Life of the American Teenager

SUPER SPOILER ALERT: Find Out What Happens to Adrian’s Baby!

Seriously, HUMONGOUS spoilers ahead. You've been warned!

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

Tragic news, Secret Lifers. Our worst fears about Adrian’s baby have been confirmed! The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s creator, Brenda Hampton, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the fate of Ben and Adrian’s baby.

Here’s the deal: Adrian goes into labor and Ben takes her to the hospital to deliver her baber asap. They experience an excruciating loss when their little girl dies in childbirth! The newly married couple are left to deal with an unexpected tragedy, as well as their fragile relationship.

Brenda says, “The possibility is so far outside the realm of what Adrian and Ben are thinking that they won’t see it coming. She’s taken good care of herself, she’s done all the right things, but … these things happen. I think even though viewers are going to know what is going to happen, they too will be overwhelmed with emotion.”

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family Channel    

So how will the rest of the Secret Life teens deal with this heartbreak? Amy becomes more needy of her own baby daddy than ever, and she and Adrian become much closer in the wake of her loss.

Brenda says that Adrian “will go from depressed to angry to acting as if it never happened to finally allowing herself to accept the loss, as well as deal with her past and why she has made the choices she’s made in her life. Then she’ll have to decide whether or not she wants to continue to make bad choices or learn and grow from the experience. Is the experience going to mean nothing, in other words, or will it transform her?”

So why did Secret Life take this tragic turn? Brenda explains: “Every teen pregnancy does not end in apparent happiness like Amy’s. There are problems, lots of problems, physical, emotional, life-changing problems. It’s just one of the possible consequences of unprotected sex.”

Stock up on tissues and bust out your waterproof mascara, this is going to be one of the saddest moments in television history.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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