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Top 3 Grossest Moments From Bones Season 6, Episode 23: “The Change in the Game”

Sure, Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) announcement at the end of “The Change in the Game” promises to alter the nature of Bones forever, but there’s still one constant: the revolting bodies. People will continue to die in bizarre ways, and Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan will be on hand to solve the twisted murders. In that respect, the game-changing Season 6 finale, which showcased one of the nastier corpses ever, was no different from every other episode. Let’s just say we may never bowl again.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

3. We prefer jigsaw puzzles
The only thing grosser than a dead body is a dead body that’s been run through a bowling alley’s pinsetting machine. And squintern Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) gets the fun task of dissecting it all back at the lab. Lucky duck! We can see (all too clearly) why Hodgins (TJ Thyne) describes it as a “meat puppet puzzle.” *Ick*

2. Mmm, bugs...
When Booth and Brennan get on the scene at the bowling alley we are treated to an up-close look at the “body.” Or more accurately, lack thereof. According to Brennan, the lack of tissue on the dead guy is due to an “extreme amount of insect and maggot activity.” And it wouldn’t be Bones if they didn’t show us the insects and maggots crawling all over the bloody skinless skull. Thanks for that!

1. Not the happiest of birthdays
Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Nobody likes a brat. Just ask the unruly boy who refuses to play nice at his bowling birthday party. His punishment comes in the form of a front row view of a mangled body splayed all out over the lanes. We never realized how much a leg could resemble a bowling pin and a skull the ball. We really could have done without that knowledge.

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05.24.2011 / 02:36 AM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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