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Pretty Little Liars

Will Emily and Samara Hook Up on Pretty Little Liars?

We barely saw Samara (Claire Holt) last season on Pretty Little Liars, but that’s about to change — as Shay Mitchell (Emily) revealed in a new interview that Samara will have a much bigger role on Season 2 as things heat up between the couple. Shay told E! Online that Emily “was kind of starting something with Samara in the last episode, and so that continues.” Given that Paige (Lindsey Shaw) is hiding her sexuality, we don’t blame Emily for wanting to be with someone who is more comfortable with her sexuality.

PLL showrunner Marlene King recently hinted that a new couple will hook up early on in the season. Based on Shay's statement, there’s a good chance King was referring to Emily and Samara!

We’re happy for Em, but don’t get too excited just yet. Shay continued, “But we can't go too far into [their relationship], because Emily is moving this season, so she doesn't want to start anything she can't finish.” Oh no! It sounds like Emily is actually headed to Texas, which would leave the group one Little Liar short.

But despite the upcoming move, it’s likely that Samara and Emily will still have a brief fling. Shay confessed that Emily is “cautious of that [move], but still having fun.”

Source: E! Online