Taylor Armstrong Says She Went Too Far With Dieting
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Taylor Armstrong Says She Went Too Far With Dieting

There’s been a lot of speculation recently about what’s going on in Taylor Armstrong’s life, including rumors about a dissolving marriage and rapid weight loss. Taylor publicly denounced the split rumor saying she’s not separating from husband Russell (although sometimes we still question why...), but she hadn’t made a peep about the weight business — until now.

Taylor tells OK! magazine it’s “absolutely not true” that she had any sort of eating disorder, but she did cite a reason for her dramatic weight loss: She was sneaking inane amounts of diet pills!

It all started when Russell brought home the pills as samples because someone wanted him to check out the business end of the company. This also happened to be around the same time Taylor was noticing her clothes being “tight” and was eating a lot of unhealthy meals due to her hectic schedule.

“I started taking the supplements without him knowing. In the back of my mind I didn’t think they would even work, so I wasn’t worried — they were all natural and I thought you had to take prescription drugs to really ever lose weight,” she explains.

At first, she loved the pills — they gave her a ton of energy and little appetite. But eventually, things got serious. Seriously small, that is. Taylor says she went to “unhealthy extremes” to drop a few pounds.

And okay, we have to wonder if Taylor felt she needed to lose weight to keep Russell interested. We’ve heard Taylor get upset thinking he might leave her for a younger (and presumably, thinner) woman before, so did Russell (and/or his wandering eye) have anything to do with Taylor’s plunge into pills? Not a chance. “As a matter of fact, like most men, he likes me best when I am voluptuous,” she says.

In fact, in the end it was Russell who saved Taylor from shedding too many pounds by speaking up about her rail-thin physique. “It was Russell who got me to admit the truth. He saw I wasn’t eating much and that I was too thin,” she says.

Here’s hoping Taylor’s on the road to better health!

Source: OK!

05.25.2011 / 04:28 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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