What Will New Directions Do During Their Summer Vacation?
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What Will New Directions Do During Their Summer Vacation?

The second season of Glee is officially over (that kiss!), and now all that’s left is summer vacation. What would the kids of Lima, Ohio, do with their free time?

Rachel would definitely be working at the community theater, probably doing one of their musicals that they do in the town,” Lea Michele told The Hollywood Reporter. “And hanging out with Mercedes and Kurt.”

Not that Kurt would have time for her! “Kurt probably will develop his relationship with his boyfriend more,” Chris Colfer said. “He did say that he was going to write a musical about Kate Middleton’s sister, so I hope that happens.”

As for Mercedes, she would do what many youngsters do: Find a summer job. “I want to say she works in a salon or in a dress shop,” Amber Riley decided. “And she’d spend her free time with Kurt because she missed him while he was at another school.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Morrison thinks Mr. Schuester would want to hang out with Emma. “Obviously.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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