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You Tell Us: Did You Love the Season 2 Finale of Glee?

Don’t get us wrong: We totally loved Glee’s Season 2 finale. But was anyone else still — for lack of a better word — hungry at the end of it?

We’ve grown so attached to the gang at McKinley High over the course of the past two years that we wanted so much more than we were given. Finchel fans lucked out with a mega-smooch, Mercedes ‘shippers were given something to talk about all summer long (we totally saw that coming, btw), Blaine dropped the “L” word, and Brittana shared a special moment. It sounds like a lot, so why did it feel so unsatisfying? It was as if we ate a Lean Cuisine — it was absolutely delicious while we were enjoying it, but about 30 minutes later we were starving again.

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX    

There were also several glaring omissions: Where was the Wemma resolution, and why did Quinn suddenly accept her and Finn’s breakup? Artie, Tina, Mike, Puck, and Lauren were there, but where are they headed in Season 3? We also could’ve used more New York — beyond that overhyped opening mashup.

Plus, why’d New Directions have to lose? (Aside from the fact that they weren’t too prepared.) Are they ever going to win a big title? The glee clubbers better get some serious redemption next year.

But enough about us, Gleeks. What do YOU think? Were you totally in love with Glee’s Season 2 finale, or did the whole thing just leave you hungry for more? Did the big loss leave you feeling empty inside, or are you OK with it?

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05.25.2011 / 11:59 PM EDT by Heidi Suke
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