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The Bachelor

Bachelor Season 15 Contestant Alli Travis Wanted Craig R. As Bachelor Instead of Brad Womack

Here's an important tip for anyone applying to be on The Bachelor: Lie. Not about major, life-altering things, but if they ask you, say, "What is your greatest fear?" do not tell them the truth. Because it will come back to haunt you. Literally.

Alli Travis knows this now, after dealing with the bugs of Costa Rica on The Bachelor Season 15. The 24-year-old had one of the worst dates of all time, getting stuck in a spider- and insect-infested cave with Brad Womack.

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Fellow Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey recently gave Alli the Say No to Cosmo blog treatment, and Alli shared some interesting tidbits about her Bachelor experience, including her general lack of interest in Mr. Womack. (Finally, someone admits he's too dang old for a bunch of girls in their early 20s!) She also names a surprising pick for her ideal Bachelor — Craig Robinson, the jokester attorney from Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette. There really is someone for everyone!

Here are some highlights from Alli’s full blog and Q&A:

Why did you go on the show?
Alli: This time last year I was feeling hurt and frustrated after finding out that the guy I had been seeing had a nasty little habit that he didn’t intend to kick (let’s just say he must not have had the D.A.R.E. program in his middle school…). I found out that The Bachelor was coming to Columbus for a casting call and was feeling lucky that day, so I mustered up the courage and I went — and about 4 months later I was sitting in the limo in front of the mansion with Ashley S., Chantal O., Kim, and Meghan (Limo 1 — what what!!) wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into.

How tall are you?
5-foot-7… everyone who meets me is very surprised that I’m not like 6-foot since I looked like a giant all season next to the Ashleys, who are both like 5-foot-2!

You were patient, and a great sport. What were some GOOD things about your cave date with Brad, if any?
Well the cave was actually pretty cool inside, it was 40 million years old! I didn’t even really notice any of the gross creatures inside until we were walking back and they were pointed out to me — we saw a TARANTULA. We sat in the back of the cave on the “altar” formation for a while and had one of our best conversations ever — but they showed very little of it!

Is Brad the type of man you wish to marry in the future?
No. I need to be with someone who a.) makes me laugh every day and b.) isn’t almost old enough to be my dad. [Wetpaint note: BURN!]

If you could have chosen who the Bachelor would be, who would you have picked?
No question here: I would have chosen Craig R. from Ali’s season. I was totally convinced that it was him! Once we found out that it was definitely not Chris L., I couldn’t even think of anyone else they would consider. The guy is freaking hilarious, he seemed very genuine on Ali’s season and he’s obviously smart (he’s a lawyer). Oh, and he’s TALL — I have a rule that if the top of my head is any higher than a guy’s eyebrows when I’m wearing 4-inch heels, he’s too short. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get any shorter so I don’t know if I can drop that rule any time soon!

Are you single?
That’s a very complicated question…

What are you looking for in a guy?
Someone who knows what they want and goes after it, someone who makes me laugh every day, and someone who can fill in the answers on the Sunday crossword that I can’t get — that’s how I’ll know we’re a good match and I’ll also know that he’s smart!

Would you ever do Bachelor Pad?
I think Bachelor Pad is more up my alley (no pun intended, HAHA), I’m a competitive person who likes to strategize. I think I’d have a blast!

Is that a hint? Will we see Miss Alli on BP2 this summer? We’ll find out soon!

Source: Say No to Cosmo

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