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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Winner Nicole Scherzinger Replaces Cheryl Cole On X-Factor Judges Panel

There may still be hope for Cheryl Cole’s relationship with Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough, but now the British beauty has taken a serious hit — to her career.

Recent rumors claimed Fox was trying to get X-Factor judge Cheryl to dump Derek and go out with cooler Hollywood dudes. But now TMZ is reporting that Cheryl has lost her gig as one of the judges on Simon Cowell’s upcoming American reboot of the English hit — and she’s being replaced with Derek’s DWTS Season 10 partner Nicole Scherzinger, who was previously announced as one of the X-Factor hosts.

Why is Cheryl out? For one thing, sources tell TMZ she had a “lack of chemistry” with fellow judge Paula Abdul. (Translation: Paula probably didn’t like being upstaged by the gorgeous young lass.) Nobody puts Paula in the corner, so Cheryl had to go.

On top of that — and this is ridiculous! — Cheryl’s British accent was allegedly deemed too thick for American audiences to understand.

Please. Americans understood Brit Ricky Gervais enough to be offended by him when he hosted the Golden Globes. Nobody understands Italian judge Bruno Tonioli on DWTS. And even though Steven Tyler is American, no one knows what he’s babbling about on American Idol. Cheryl would’ve been fine on the accent front.

TMZ says producers want Cheryl to go back to the UK version of X-Factor, but reportedly, she’s so ticked off that she may break ties with the show completely.

We have no idea where this will leave Cheryl’s relationship with Derek. And how ironic is it that Cheryl’s replacement, Nicole, is the celeb who helped him get his second Mirror Ball trophy? Oh well. If Derek and Cheryl can get through malaria together, then this should be a cakewalk.

Source: TMZ